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Is carving out a successful career in Canada your only goal? Get familiar with the Canada Express Entry Program. Any skilled worker wanting to move to Canada through immigration can apply for PR (Permanent Resident) visa through the Express Entry Program.

What is the Canada Express Entry Program?

Launched in January 2015, Express Entry is a point-based online immigration program. It was initiated by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to advance the visa selection process for permanent residency and accelerate the decision times to as little as six months. Since the advent of this program, applying for a Canada PR visa has become comparatively easy.

Programs Offered Under Express Entry:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FESTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

All the individuals with necessary skills and relevant experience under their belts look no further than Canada when it comes to moving to Canada. A highly comprehensive program is what Express Entry is all about, playing an imperative role in handling the Canadian immigrant inflow and assessing through diverse factors.

Why Does Express Entry Make Sense for Immigrants?

Eagerly awaiting Canadian permanent residency? Settle for no less than the Express Entry Program - the fastest and most popular pathway for immigrants to seek permanent residency. After all, who would not want to start a new life in one of the most sought-after countries for immigration - Canada?

As a fast-track immigration program, Express Entry makes it easier for competent workers to obtain permanent residency in the "Land of Maple Leaf." The Canadian government has adopted a unique approach to choosing exceptionally talented workers, making them gain entry into Canada as Permanent Residents.

Kindly take note that the Express Entry Program is not an application to apply for PR. However, it signifies your interest in being considered for the permanent resident visa. Once interested applicants submit their online profile, the Federal Government determines if the applicant is eligible for the Express Entry Program.

Ranked according to the comprehensive ranking system (CRS), those candidates who are eligible for the program are accepted into the Express Entry pool. The government of Canada evaluates and ranks candidates in the Express Entry pool using CRS - a point-based system. Based on a candidate's age, education, work experience, language proficiency, and other crucial factors, the CRS score is calculated.

Eligibility Requirements for Canada Express Entry

The Express Entry Program extensively relies on a point-based system for assessing candidates. The main purpose of this fastest system is to pick out all those candidates who have a greater chance of succeeding post their migration to an incredible country called 'Canada'.

For assessing your eligibility through the Express Entry program, you are required to answer many questions to work in Canada as a skilled worker and then obtain permanent residency. Be prepared to answer the questions based on the following:


If you are aged 18 or above but below 35, then you can look forward to getting maximum points. If you are over 35, then you can get points but not much compared to the 18-35 age group.


It is important to show that the education credentials you have, is equivalent to a completed secondary school (or high school) in Canada. If they don't correspond with each other, then you will not be rewarded with points, nor will you be eligible for FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program).

Work Experience

To apply through Express Entry, you must have a minimum experience of 12 months in the last three years (before you choose to apply).

Language Proficiency

Proficiency in one of Canada's official languages (English or French) is a must. Please note that your language ability is evaluated through the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB). It is deduced by the test score you obtain in IELTS (short for International English Language Testing System) or CELPIP (short for Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program).


You can maximum points in this section by listing your spouse or common-law partner.

Arranged Employment

You get points for having a valid job offer from eligible employers under FSWP.

If you are applying for the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) category of the Express Entry program, you ought to score a minimum of 67 points based on the above diverse parameters.

See Canada Express Entry Step by Step Process

What are the Benefits of the Canada Express Entry Program?

Express Entry plays a very significant role when it comes to immigrating to Canada. It is the most convenient and popular system, which makes immigration an easier affair. It is through this program you can obtain a Permanent Resident (PR) visa within 6 months or less.

Here are some of the greatest benefits of Canada Express Entry you may not be aware of:

Faster Application Processing

The Express Entry Program can get you a Canadian visa within a short f time. The time period starts right when you submit the application and you can proceed with further steps. Earlier the application was based on paper and people had a hard time getting their applications processed.

Reduction in CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) Score

Canada is planning to welcome a large number of immigrants to the country. Therefore, the IRCC may think about reducing the minimum CRS score, which is required to be selected in the Express Entry draws. You will be glad to know that there may be further reduction in the required score in the coming years. That's because Canada is looking to bring thousands of skilled workers to the country.

Electronic System

Under Express Entry, the whole application processing is done through an electronic system. It signifies that there is no possibility of discrimination. The CRS scores are updated automatically and candidates are selected stringently on the basis of their CRS scores.

The Federal System of Immigration

The Express Entry Program is a federal system of immigration. Those applicants who receive an ITA (Invitation to Apply) can apply for Canadian permanent residency under the program. You can settle anywhere in Canada after you get an Express Entry visa. Furthermore, having proficiency in French is not a compulsion to apply for PR through the Express Entry Program.

Express Entry: What are the Benefits for Employers?

The Express Entry Program assists Canadian employers in responding to the labor shortage. This is when they are not in a position to fill the vacancies with Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Under this program, the employers play a direct role in employing skilled and talented workers. The employers can then match with the existing profiles to offer employment to the Express Entry applicants.

What are the Points Required for the Canada Express Entry Program?

To be eligible for Canadian immigration under Express Entry, you must obtain a total of 67 points out of 100. Canada Express Entry eligibility points calculator is based on the given criteria:

  • Age - Maximum 12 Points
  • Education - Maximum 25 Points
  • Work Experience - Maximum 15 Points
  • Language Proficiency - Maximum 28 Points
  • Adaptability - Maximum 10 Points
  • Arranged Employment - Maximum 10 Points

What are the Funds Required for the Express Entry Program?

Canada has increased the proof of funds required for the Express Entry Program candidates. The needed Canadian settlement funds have increased to the below-mentioned amounts:

Number of Family MembersFunds Required (in CAD)
For each additional family member, add$3,591

It is important for all Express Entry applicants with active profiles to meet the new proof of funds requirements. The proof of fund requirement is used to ascertain if an Express Entry applicant is backed by enough capital to settle in Canada.

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