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Many people prefer to Work in Hong Kong from India as it offers them great benefits. Hong Kong is one of the most important financial centres in the world. If you are considering a move to Hong Kong, this is the right time to take the leap. Hong Kong offers an amazing blend of a multicultural community, a cosmopolitan lifestyle, and a low unemployment rate.

Best Hong Kong Work Visa Consultants in Delhi

The Work Visa for Hong Kong enables you to live and work in the country till the time your visa is approved. Finding work in Hong Kong is quite demanding as the majority of the positions are filled by the locals, as well as, the professionals. You are required to have an employment offer from Hong Kong Company first, and after you have got to meet the eligibility requirements.

Work in Hong Kong from India

We pride ourselves on helping people Work in Hong Kong from India. We are one of the leading work visa consultants that take care of everything with regard to visa processing, document checklist, follow-ups, and helping candidates fill out the application.

Eligibility for a Visa to Work in Hong Kong from India

If you have any plans to Work in Hong Kong from India, then you have to meet the criterion that plays a crucial part in the process of a work visa:

  • You are required to have an employment offer from a company in Hong Kong. Your job should be applicable to your past work experience and qualification.
  • You need to submit a police clearance certificate (PCC) stating that you are not involved in any kind of criminal activity.
  • You need to do total research to look for a job at a recognized firm in Hong Kong.
  • Your salary should not go over the current standards, which are designed by the local professionals of Hong Kong. The minimum salary must be no less than 20,000 Hong Kong Dollars.
  • The firm has to submit evidence that due to less availability of local employees matching the requirement of a specific job; hence, to fill the vacant places abroad workers are needed.
  • The employee needs to submit proofs that they have real intention to work and put their full contribution to giving a boost to Hong Kong’s economy.
  • You are required to have a good educational background, generally a first-level university degree in the relevant work field.
  • You are offered a remuneration package as good as the current market level for Hong Kong professionals.
  • The remuneration package that includes income, medical, accommodation, and other fringe benefits is largely commensurate with the existing market level for professionals in the HKSAR. Chinese nationals living abroad who hold PRC (People’s Republic of China) passports meeting the criteria stipulated and normal immigration requirements are likely to apply for entering the HKSAR for employment if:
  • The applicant has a permanent residence abroad
  • The applicant has been living abroad for no less than one year right away before the application submission (“abroad” signifies countries or territories outside the Mainland, the Macao SAR, and the HKSAR), and the application is submitted from out of the country.

Documents to Apply for a Visa to Work in Hong Kong from India

A proper employment visa application must include the below-mentioned documents provided by the employee:

  • A Valid Passport Copy
  • A Copy of Your Hong Kong Identity Card (if any)
  • A Copy of Your Document Providing the Residence Abroad
  • A Copy of Your CV and Academic Qualifications
  • Completed Application for Entry for Employment as Professionals in Hong Kong

From the Sponsor Company

  • Company Website
  • Company’s Business Registration Certificate
  • Company Documents that show Financial Status
  • Contract with the applicant (including remuneration, welfare, etc.)

Change of employment

Persons who have been admitted are likely to apply for a change of employment provided that he/she continues to fulfilling the eligibility criteria. They must be employed in a job, which is relevant to his/her qualification and expertise.

Processing Time for a Hong Kong Work Visa

It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks for processing the application by The Immigration Department

Types of Visas to Work in Hong Kong from India

The majority of people moving to Hong Kong for a job do apply for a work visa under the GEP (General Employment Policy). These types of visas are generally issued only for a particular period. To be eligible, applicants are required to have a confirmed job offer with an employer who is sponsoring them.

Some other common Hong Kong work permits contain the following:

Technology Talent Admission Scheme

This work visa is for professionals specializing in certain technology sectors, such as artificial intelligence and financial technologies.

Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

Expats from certain professions can move to Hong Kong using this visa. The program has 4,000 slots for financial, legal, creative, and IT individuals who do not have a current job offer.

Immigrant Arrangements For Non-Local Graduates

This visa is for individuals with a Hong Kong degree. Within six months of graduation, they can apply to live in town for up to a year to search for local employment.


This training option is a work visa for people who want to learn a skill or acquire specific knowledge and who want to reside in Hong Kong for up to a year.

Requirements to Obtain a Visa to Work in Hong Kong from India

If your employees are looking to apply for a Hong Kong permit under the GEP, they have to incorporate a statement from you depicting the position. The Immigration Department will evaluate the application for:

  • A graduate degree
  • Salary and working conditions similar to local standards
  • Lack of a local to fill a specific position
  • Mandatory professional experience
  • Contribution to the local economy

Companies, every now and then, find it difficult to prove that they could not find a local to fill a position, especially if they are hiring people from across the globe. The immigration authorities usually accept the proof received by them.

If employees have family they would like to bring along, they will have to meet additional requirements. For instance, employees are required to prove that they have a legitimate marriage and dependent children under the age of 18. They need to show that they are able to support their family financially and provide proper accommodations. If a spouse would like to work in Hong Kong, they can do so but would require an extra work permit.

How to Apply for a Visa to Work in Hong Kong from India

Below are the steps you need to follow to apply for a Hong Kong work visa:

The candidates have to submit the visa application with every required document to the Hong Kong Immigration Department. If your visa gets approved, then you are required to collect it from the local Hong Kong Consulate office in person.

Know that the work visa in Hong Kong has a validity of one year and it can be renewed. The employee can always renew the work visa as many times till they want to carry on working for the firm. You have to get dependant visas if any family member is coming along with you to Hong Kong.

If you are looking to switch to another company for the job then you have to apply for a new visa from the Department of Hong Kong Immigration. Being non-transferable, you cannot transfer your existing visa. If you have been working in Hong Kong for seven years, you are likely to apply for Hong Kong permanent residency.
If you are planning to apply for a work visa, you are directed to file the visa application as soon as you can to experience a hassle-free process. Contact the best work visa consultants and fill up your application for Hong Kong work visa without delay.

If you are a professional looking to work in Hong Kong from India, the expert immigration team at Oasis Resource Management – the Best Hong Kong Work Visa Consultants in Delhi – can help you get a work visa quickly and without any hassle.

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