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If an Australia Tourist Visa from India is what you want, use high-quality services offered by a leading tourist visa consultant.

A lot of people visit the beautiful country of Australia to meet their friends and family, or just for a holiday. Considered one of the most stunning countries in the world, Australia has something for everyone. We know and understand you are super excited to check out the marvels of Australia.

It is pretty easy to travel around Australia and explore some of the most striking locations. This is why tourists and visitors from across the globe visit such a splendid country on a tourist visa to Australia. Experience its diverse landscape, sophisticated pleasures, awesome restaurants, and award-winning wines.

With a plethora of attractions such as stunning beaches, diverse wildlife with Koalas, Kangaroos, and iconic buildings including Brisbane City Hall and Sydney Opera House, Australia will spoil you for choice. No matter whether you choose to visit Australia to explore the amazing city, meet your loved ones, or for business purposes, what you need is a valid Australia Tourist Visa from India.

What is the Australia Tourist Visa from India?

Australia Tourist Visa is one of the three short-term visas that you can get for traveling to such a fine nation that’s got it all.

Here are the purposes for obtaining a tourist or visitor visa:

  • Leisure
  • Recreation
  • Meetings with friends or family

Also, you can acquire a visa for a longer period of time. You can do so if you are an Australian citizen or a permanent citizen’s parent.

Eligibility Criteria for Australia Tourist Visa from India

Here is a list of eligibility criteria you need to meet for an Australian Tourist Visa:

  • Must have enough funds to look after yourself
  • Must show that you are in the best of health
  • Must display the purpose of your visit
  • Must display intent to return to your home country
  • Must display that you bear a sound, moral character
  • Must not accept or seek any jobs whilst in Australia
  • Must not have any balance due to the Australian Government
  • Must show evidence that you have a clean criminal record
  • Cannot study on an Australian Tourist Visa
  • Must abide by Australia’s laws

Requirements for Australia Tourist Visa from India

Once all the documents are ready, you can start with the application for an Australia Tourist Visa from India with Oasis Resource Management – the leading tourist visa consultant in India. We can provide the best support and assist you in getting your Australia Tourist Visa successfully approved.

  • A valid passport
  • Recent passport-size photographs
  • Proof of funds (must have sufficient funds to meet the expenses)
  • Health Examination Certificate
  • Last 6 months’ Bank Statements
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Travel & Health Insurance
  • Itinerary plans after reaching the country
  • Invitation Letter (if you plan to visit your friends or family)
  • Point of Contact (address and contact number of a residence or hotel, where you plan to stay)

How long it takes to get an Australian Tourist Visa?

Well, Australian Immigration will begin processing your application after they have received all the supporting information. It usually takes 4 weeks from this date to get a decision. We urge you not to make any travel arrangements until you get the Australia Tourist Visa from India.

Conditions of an Australia Tourist Visa from India

Australian Immigration will attach certain conditions to the visa that is granted to you. However, the accurate conditions will depend on the following:

  • Your circumstances
  • Why you are looking to visit Australia
  • How long do you intend to stay

Listed below are the typical conditions for Australia Tourist Visa from India:

  • Australia Tourist Visa would not let you receive payment for any work during your stay in the country. But you can always take part in some type of voluntary work.
  • You may not receive payment for any business activities that you perform in the country
  • You are not authorized to study or attend training for over 3 months in total. If you plan to study for over 4 weeks during your stay, it is mandatory to pass a health examination first.
  • Ensure that you have adequate health insurance for your stay in Australia
  • Make sure you depart from Australia before your visa expires
  • On the day you choose to depart, your passport ought to be valid for no less than another 6 months
  • Your visa conditions might specify “no further stay.” If this is the case, you usually cannot apply for another visa while in Australia.
  • If you have already been granted a visa, do check the conditions being applied to your visa.

Tourist Visas in Australia

Subclass 601 Electronic Travel Authorization/ETA Visa

ETA visa allows foreign nationals to arrive in Australia multiple times for one year and stay for 3 months for every visit. This visa is offered to passport holders from various countries and regions living abroad.

Subclass 651 E-Visitor Visa

E-Visitor Visa allows overseas citizens to arrive in Australia multiple times for 1 year and reside for 3 months for every visit. It can be for tourism or business purposes. This visa is offered to passport holders in many countries in Europe. However, it cannot be extended.

Subclass 600 Visitor Visa

Subclass 600 Australia Tourist Visa from India allows citizens living abroad to arrive in Australia for a holiday or engage in any business activities. In general, the Visa permits a stay of three months in the country. However, 12 months’ authorization can be approved in specific situations as well. Candidates are required to pay Visa fees for filing their applications.

Streams under Australia Tourist Visa from India

The following are the diverse streams under Australian tourist visa:

Tourist Stream

This stream lets you visit Australia as a tourist, visit your family members and friends, or for any purpose other than business or medical treatment for 3, 6, or 12 months.

Business Visitor Stream

This stream allows you to visit the country for business reasons for up to 3 months.

Sponsored Family Stream

This stream lets a sponsored visitor (usually by a family member) visit their family members in Australia for up to 12 months.

Frequent Traveler Stream

This stream is exclusively for the citizens of the PRC (People’s Republic of China) traveling to the country for personal or business reasons.

How to apply for Australia Tourist Visa from India?

Applying for a tourist visa to Australia from India is a swift and effective process. There is no need to travel to the Embassy of Australia carrying a physical copy of your paperwork. That is because the entire process can be completed online.

Visit the Australian Government website and download the Australia ETA application. Now complete the form with the accurate information, submit it, followed by paying the necessary visa fees. Depending on your information accuracy, you must receive the Australian ETA visa through email within 2 to 3 days.

To ensure a quick and seamless process, you are required to ensure that there are no errors or forged documents submitted by you. Taking care of a few things will help you avoid the rejection of your Australia Tourist Visa from India.

Processing time for Australia Tourist Visa from India

For an Australia Tourist Visa from India, the time it takes to process the visa may take as little as 21 days to 64 days. However, it depends on the visa stream you choose: visit visa, business visa, or sponsored visa), and other factors including the peak period, and the time it takes for providing the required supporting documents.

Why Choose Oasis Resource Management?

Oasis Resource Management can help you file an error-free and fully compliant Australia Visitor Visa application. Simply fill out our online form and our representative will get in touch with you for a tourist visa. Our expert team will help you assess which visa type to apply under. Also, we help you gather and prepare your documentation, fill out forms, evaluate all of your documentation, and apply for your visa.

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