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Corporates to develop business relations and grow their businesses, need to travel across the globe on a regular basis while also needing its employees to travel for various business reasons. Oasis Immigration provides every solution possible for your every corporate need.

work in canada

Work In Canada

Canada is a land of growing opportunities. International business houses open their branches in Canada due to ease in federal laws. Local business houses too outsource their work to fill in their job requirements to get the work done.

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work in australia

Work In Australia

Working aboard is the dream of many who are keen to live an extraordinary life with best of facilities and amenities around. Australia is one of the best place to work, live, and settle. It sets ample of opportunities specifically in IT and engineering sector. So, plan out your journey to work in Australia.

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work in uk

Work In UK

In order to recruit and sponsor migrant workers in the UK, the employing organization require a sponsors license to do so. Only organizations that meet the Home Offices standards toward eligibility and suitable systems to manage their migrant workers will be granted a Sponsors License.

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work in usa

Work In USA

Companies in the US outsource their jobs by offering a variety of visas to foreign-born workers. We help the corporates which are in contract with the US Companies for outsourcing with their VISA needs.

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work in germany

Work In Germany

Germany is a country of possibilities, passion, and persistence. It consists of number of opportunities for immigrants who wish to work in Germany as its the land of invention and innovation. The economy of Germany is the fourth-largest in the world and its home to world-known corporates and companies.

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work in austria

Work In Austria

Austria, a considerable place to live a healthy and blissful life, it is even know as the best places to live in Europe because of its cleanliness and safeness. Austriais also one of the wealthiest countries along with a stable and prominent social economy. Thus, work in Austria is one of the viable option.

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work in ireland

Work In Ireland

Ireland is another popular destination for people who are keen to work outside home country. The official amenities are best provided when you work in Ireland or live here. They also entitles you to free European Union membership which has different educational, medical, and social facilities.

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work in hong kong

Work In Hong Kong

Applicants who are not non-local graduates but possess special skills, knowledge or experience of value to and not readily available in the HKSAR may apply to come to work.

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work in south africa

Work In South Africa

South Africa has a manufacturing sector which leads to huge job creation for skilled workers in differentdepartments and sectors. This augments the need of foreign workers to work in South Africa to fill up the vacancies.

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work in singapore

Work In Singapore

When you dream to work in Singapore then it means you aim for a handsome salary along with the luxurious life because it's the world's second most prospering economy which has top class infrastructure and social atmosphere.

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