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Do you want to know about immigration to Hong Kong from India? Hong Kong is a universal city that has drawn the attention of people from all around the world. A lot of migrants are attracted to this town owing to its compact size, stunning landscape, and excellent lifestyle. Most importantly, Hong Kong has a remarkably welcoming global community. Hong Kong is deemed to be the most secure place to live. That is because it is comparatively crime-free.

The climate in such an incredible town remains warm, dry, and bright in the autumn season. On the other hand, it remains warm, moist, and winter and humid, stormy, and spring in summer with thick rainfall.

International students have easy access to unparalleled education.

Documents Required for Immigration to Hong Kong from India

Before applying for your visa to Hong Kong, you must make sure that you meet the visa requirements, have the mandatory documents ready, and fill out the Hong Kong Visa for Indian national application. Failing to do so will lead to you not being eligible for your application; thus, it will be rejected.

To prevent this from occurring, you (as an Indian passport holder) are required to have the below-mentioned documents:

  • A valid passport that is not about to meet its expiry date
  • A complete visa application form
  • 2 passport-size photos
  • Flight booking proof
  • Finance proof, including salary invoices, bank statements, or tax returns
  • You will have to provide a travel itinerary, details of family members in Hong Kong or sponsors, and accommodation proof
  • You will need to provide a cover letter from your firm, or any other legitimate entity, and an invitation letter.
  • This is when you are traveling for business purposes
  • Travel insurance (even though it is not compulsory but it is favorable when traveling out of the country)

Eligibility Criteria for a Hong Kong Visa

A resident of India is required to apply and complete a PAR (Pre-Arrival Registration) before he/she visits the Hong Kong Special Administration Region (HKSAR) visa-free facility. Any citizen of India can make use of the online service to apply for a PAR if he/she:

  • Plans to transit or visit the HKSAR (except for direct transit via air and not leaving the transit area of the airport)
  • Plans to stay in Hong Kong for less than 14 days
  • Has an Indian passport with a 6-month validity

Note: is on an unconditional stay in HKSAR, and has permission for residing in HKSAR for residence, study, or employment.

If the requirements for immigration to Hong Kong from India, a citizen of India who belongs to the below-mentioned categories can visit HKSAR without a PAR (Pre-Arrival Registration):

  • A valid official passport holder
  • A valid diplomatic passport holder
  • A valid HKSAR travel pass holder
  • Has an HKSAR entry visa
  • A holder of the UN Laissez Passers, who transit or visit the HKSAR for an official purpose
  • Enrolled for the e-Channel service as a frequent visitor without fail

A citizen of India is required to apply for a visa to the immigration division if he/she:

  • Is looking to visit HKSAR and reside there for not more than 14 days
  • Plans to come to HKSAR for study, employment, booking a residence, and more.

General Procedure

  • A candidate is required to visit the website of Hong Kong’s official government for a PAR (Pre-Arrival Registration). He/she should fill out the right information. The details should be accurately the same as it is in his/her report.
  • Once the application has been submitted, the application is processed automatically. The result is notified right away to the candidate.
  • If the result is successful, the registrant ought to have the “PAR Notification Slip” printed.
  • A candidate is required to crosscheck the entered data on the slip for verifying if all the details are accurate before signing it.
  • If the PAR is not successful (due to some reasons), an applicant has to apply for a valid entry visa at the Immigration Department so that he/she is permitted to visit HKSAR.

Validity of the Registration

  • PAR has validity for 6 months, given that the candidate meets every immigration requirement.
  • During this 6-month duration, a candidate, with the obtained PAR Notification Slip and a valid passport, can make use of multiple visits to HKSAR without a visa.
  • For every visit, a candidate can live in HKSAR for less than 14 days.
  • A candidate is allowed to apply for another registration. This is when the current one expires.

Registration Enquiry

  • A candidate can check his/her registration validity from the PAR official online portal.
  • If the notification slip is not printed, lost, damaged, or defaced, the candidate must reprint the slip via the “View or Print Registration Notification Slip” option.
  • An individual who is looking to enter or visit Hong Kong must fulfill the usual immigration requirements, which generally consist of travel documents with enough abilities to return to his/her home country.
  • A candidate cannot bring up any security or criminal issues to the HKSAR.
  • A candidate should not have any odds of becoming a burden to the HKSAR.
  • A candidate is required to have a proper purpose to visit Hong Kong with a sufficient amount of funds so he/she can afford the duration of stay.
  • A visit is not authorized to become a student of a school/university, take employment (be it paid or unpaid), join any kind of business, or even establish it in Hong Kong.

How to Apply for Immigration to Hong Kong from India?

The applicant, to apply for a Hong Kong visa from India, is required to perform a pre-arrival registration (PAR) online, which is free of charge. Knowing exactly how to apply for a visa will save you time and hassle.

Following are the steps you need to consider when applying for a visa to Hong Kong:

Gather All Required Documents

Before starting your application, you will have to make sure you collect all the mandatory documents. As crucial as having the right documents, you need to ensure that you meet the requirements as well. Doing so will help increase the chances of your Hong Kong visa being accepted as well as processed.

Complete Your Visa Application Form

After you have gathered all the documents you needed for the visa and met all the requirements, you are required to go through the application now.

To apply for a visa to Hong Kong, downloading the visa application form is the first thing you need to do. Now you need to take a printout followed by filling out the form. Ensure that you enter accurate information on the visa application form. Also, be honest about your purpose for visiting Hong Kong.

Schedule Your Visa Appointment

The next step is to schedule a visa appointment and attend the same at your nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate office. Aside from making sure you are prepared, you will need to take your documents to the visa appointment. Doing so will help you look presentable.

This is where your biometrics will be captured, including your fingerprints. Your photo will be taken at the center. Hence, ensuring that you are clean and presentable on the appointment day will be a smart move. Also, arrive at the Embassy on time. If you somehow miss your appointment, you can always schedule a new one after 24 hours.

Attend Your Visa Appointment

Hand copies of your required documents as well as your completed visa application form at the Chinese Embassy. In addition, pay the visa fees at the Embassy. Your biometric information, which includes your photograph and fingerprints, will be captured as well.

Wait for Processing of Your Visa

Have you completed the previous four steps? If you have, now all you have to do is wait for your visa application to be processed by the Embassy. You need to wait for 4 to 6 weeks for visa processing before your visa to Hong Kong is issued. This does not consist of holidays and weekends.

Collect Your Hong Kong Visa

Once your Hong Kong visa has been processed, it will be delivered to you. Or, you will have to collect the same at the Chinese Embassy when it is ready. You will be notified of the same.

Economy – The economy of Hong Kong is depicted by low taxation, free trade, and the least government interference. It is the seventh biggest trading/exchanging economy, with the mainland of China as its vast trading partner.

Hong Kong provides multiple options as a pathway to living and working here.

Quality Migrant for Immigration to Hong Kong from India

The Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS) is mainly a point-based immigration system in Hong Kong, which was announced in February 2006. By May 2008, almost 500 individuals have been admitted to a residence in Hong Kong under this scheme. QMAS is a quota-based scheme that seeks to attract skilled or talented individuals to settle in such a fascinating city to enhance the economic competitiveness of Hong Kong.

Individuals who succeed under this scheme can sponsor their spouse and unmarried dependent children less than 18 years of age to Hong Kong after meeting certain requirements.

There are Two Methods of Assessment Under this Scheme:

All Candidates Should Satisfy All the Below-Mentioned Prerequisites for immigration to Hong Kong from India:

  • The applicant must be 18 years or above when filing an application under the Scheme
  • The applicant should have a sound education background
  • The applicant must be skilled in written and spoken Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese) or English
  • The applicant must demonstrate that he/she is capable of supporting and accommodating himself/herself and his/her dependants, if any, on his/her own financial resources without having to rely on public assistance during his/her stay in Hong Kong.
  • The applicant must not have any criminal record or unfavourable immigration record in Hong Kong or somewhere else.

All applicants (under the scheme) are will have to complete a set of prerequisites before they can be granted points under one of the two points-based tests under the scheme.

Applicants who have met all the prerequisites may choose to be evaluated either under a “General Points Test” or an “Achievements-based Points Test.”

General Points Test

Factors Points
Age 30
Academic / Professional Qualifications 45
Language Proficiency 20
Work Experience 50
Total 165

The minimum passing marks required are 80

Achievement-Based Points Test

  • The applicant has received an award of outstanding achievement (for instance, Nobel Prize, Olympic Medals, National/International Awards)
  • The applicant can show that his/her work has been recognized by his/her peers. Or, they have made a significant contribution to the development of his/her field. For example, the lifetime achievement award from the industry.

Immigration to Hong Kong from India attracts many people. If you want to move to such a fine place, allow the immigration experts at Oasis Resource Management to help you make your dream come true.

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