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Canada PR Points Calculator 2024

When you plan to work or live through canada express entry or pnp, what comes first is the question of whether you're eligible or not to apply for it. Canada pr points calculator is a points based tool that will help you to calculate your crs score in free for canada express entry. Crs tool canada ensures you have the required crs to apply for the canada pr application.

Calculate Points for Canada Express Entry Process 2024 With CRS Score Calculator

Note:- In Canada PR points calculator you have to score 67 points out of 100 to be eligible to apply for the Canada Express Entry Program for the year of 2024 if you are applying through the Federal Skilled Worker Program. In the federal Express Entry pool, candidates are ranked on the basis of CRS score. Your CRS score can easily be calculated by Canada CRS Calculator.

Evaluate your eligibility on Canada Express Entry Points Calculator 2024


Please Enter Your Date of Birth


Please state your highest qualification level

Work experience

You must have at least one year of full time experience in the last ten years in a management or professional or highly skilled occupation. These are listed as Skill Type O, Skill Type A or Skill Type B on the National Occupation Classification List.



1). Your spouse or partner's language level

2). You finished at least two academic years of full-time study (in a program at least two years long) at a secondary or post-secondary school in Canada

Note:- Full-time study means at least 15 hours of classes per week, and you must have stayed in good academic standing (as set out by the school) during that time.

3). Your spouse or common-law partner finished at least two academic years of full-time study (in a program at least two years long) at a secondary or post-secondary school in Canada.

Note :- Full-time study means at least 15 hours of classes per week, and you must have stayed in good academic standing (as set out by the school) during that time.

4). You did at least one year of full-time work in Canada in a occupation listed in Skill Type O or Skill Levels A or B of the National Occupational Classification (NOC), and with a valid work permit or while authorized to work in Canada.

5). Your spouse / partner did at least one year of full-time work in Canada on a valid work permit or while authorized to work in Canada.

6). You have valid job offer from a Canadian employer.

7). You, or, if it applies, your spouse or common-law partner, have a relative, either any of the below who is 18 years or older and living in Canada and a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

How to calculate the CRS score by Canada CRS Points Calculator from India?

Your profile will significantly influence your Canadian immigration as a permanent resident through the Express Entry program. The points required to enter the Express Entry pool through FSWP is 67 out of 100 according to CRS tool Canada. If you manage to move to the Express Entry pool after being eligible according to the 67 points calculator, the further ranking in the Express Entry pool is decided by the CRS calculator.

67 Points Calculator for Canada determine whether a candidate is eligible or not on the basis of 6 factors which are mentioned below:

Age - 12 Points

You can obtain a maximum of 12 points for your age.

Education - 25 Points

You can score a maximum of 25 points for your education.

Work Experience - 15 Points

You can obtain a maximum of 15 immigration points for this vital factor.

Language Proficiency - 28 Points

For your language skills assessed for reading, writing, speaking, and listening, you can obtain a maximum of 28 points.

Adaptability - 10 Points

You can get maximum points in this section by listing your spouse or common-law partner.

Arranged Employment - 10 Points

You get points for having a valid job offer from eligible employers under FSWP.

How to Improve CRS Score with Help of Canada CRS Points Calculator?

Here we share vital tips that can help you improve CRS score with help of CRS calculator for Canada and your chances of qualifying for the Express Entry program:

1. Get a Job Offer from a Canadian Employer

According to CRS calculator, if you have an offer of employment from a Canadian firm, you can get up to 200 CRS points, making it easier for you to qualify for an Invitation to Apply. If you are outside Canada and don't have a work permit, getting a Canadian job offer is not easy according to CRS tool Canada. But it is not impossible and is certainly an approach worth a try. You can always look for job opportunities in Canada through online job portals. Arranged employment is very much recommended according to Canada CRS Points Calculator.

2. Get Provincial Information

Have you decided where you want to live in Canada already? If yes, then applying for immigration through the Provincial Nominee Express Entry stream may help improve your chances. There are a few provinces that select eligible applicants from a large Express Entry pool. So, don't forget to enter your chosen provinces and territories when you fill out your Express Entry profile.

According to CRS calculator, a provincial nominee certificate is worth 600 CRS points - the maximum possible score for some additional factors.

3. Get All Your Foreign Qualifications Evaluated

Several candidates only get their highest educational credentials evaluated for their immigration application. However, according to the CRS score calculator for Canada, you can easily get more CRS points if you show two or more post-secondary credentials (as long as at least one of the programs was three years or longer).

The majority of ECA-issuing firms charge by application and not the number of credentials. That way you must get all of your higher educational credentials evaluated at the same time, saving time and money.

4. Apply for a Work Permit and Work in Canada

Does your CRS score fall short of the cutoff? Check with the help of CRS tool Canada. According to Canada PR Points Calculator, you should consider working in the "Land of Maple Leaf" on a temporary basis first. Of course, you will need a job offer to qualify for a work permit. But even one year of work experience in Canada can add 40 points to your CRS score calculator when you are ready to obtain permanent residency. In addition, you can get skill transferability points if fluency is what you lack in English or French and have foreign work experience.

Also, you can qualify for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) after studying in the country on a study permit. To get a PGWP, you don't need a job offer. But this is something a lot of newcomers find this approach simple. The PGWP duration is usually linked to the length of your study program. Thus, settle for a program that is at least one year long. Along with the FSWP or FSTP programs, you are likely to qualify for the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program under Express Entry if your Canadian work experience is one year or more. CRS score calculator is always an effective way to check eligibility in every category.

5. Become Proficient in a Second Language

Also, you can get extra CRS points for being adept at both the languages - English and French. A score of CLB 5 or more in English and CLB 7 or more in French can get you up to 50 extra points. If you already have beginner or intermediate level fluency in the second official language (French), try to boost your skills and take both language tests. It is highly recommended by Canada CRS Points Calculator to be proficient in either English or French for living and socializing in Canada. Canada is one of the Easy PR Countries for Indians because there are so many options to get in the country.

6. Gather More Education Credentials in Your Home Country

You can give a boost to your CRS score in Canada CRS Points Calculator by pursuing further education in your home country. You don't need to come to Canada to study. Already have an undergraduate degree? Then completing a master's degree can get you 15 extra points. However, before you choose to explore this option, ensure that you don't end up obtaining education points at the expense of age points. Now you might have an idea about How Does Canada PR Points Calculator from India Work.