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If settling in New Zealand is what you want, you need a New Zealand Business Investment Visa.

New Zealand is one of the most stable and well-governed countries in the world. It offers a stunning destination for business, investment, and raising a family. This great country is consistently ranked in the top 10 in terms of keeping investors safe, starting a business, and ease of doing business. New Zealand offers a flexible business visa system, which is designed to cater to the majority of business people’s needs.

About New Zealand Business Investment Visa

New Zealand is regarded as one of the top places to invest in. Its unparalleled quality of life as well as stable business environment makes it a perfect place for investing and earning profits. When you choose to invest in New Zealand, you can have the benefit of the natural lifestyle. Along with its investment in the country, the Government helps foreign investors in diverse ways to establish their businesses as well.

New Zealand has plenty of ways to assist individuals in migrating to New Zealand. These include:

  • Entrepreneur Work Visa Program & Entrepreneur Residence Visa
  • Migrant Investor Category
  • The employee of a Relocating Business

The Entrepreneur Work Visa Program

The Entrepreneur Work Visa is for applicants who have an interest in establishing a new business in New Zealand or acquiring a business.

An Entrepreneur Work Visa is a 3-year work visa and there are 2 stages, including:

Startup Stage

Once approved, you will first be given a 12-month work visa, which enables you to purchase or establish your business in the country.

Balance Stage

This is for the remaining 2 years of your visa. The balance of an Entrepreneur Work Visa can be granted once you have shown Immigration New Zealand that you have taken sensible steps not only to establish but also operate the planned business and for money required to establish the business has been transferred to New Zealand.

Requirements for Entrepreneur Work Visa

To be approved for Entrepreneur Work Visa, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Invest a minimum capital of NZ$100,000 unless this requirement is waived
  • Meet or surpass 120 points for capacity-building factors. These include age, previous business experience, investment into New Zealand, or where your business will be based among others
  • Have a business plan, which is particular to your proposed business
  • Not been involved in business failure or insolvency within 5 years preceding the date your application is created
  • Not having been involved in business fraud or financial impropriety
  • Meet health as well as character requirements for residence and requirements for the English language

All applicants are required to obtain professional advice and are helped with thorough planning and meticulous consideration before applying for one of the Entrepreneur Work Visas.

The applicant should be 100% involved in the business operation. It would prove to be beneficial if the applicant had sufficient experience in senior management. Such applicants who have implemented and utilized the work visa without any hassle become eligible for an Entrepreneur Residence Visa. Such businesses must have considerably assisted New Zealand and must have employed its local population.

Migrant Investor Visa Program

This VISA category has two pathways: The INVESTOR PLUS and the INVESTOR pathway.
Both these pathways will ensure you obtain PR (Permanent Residency) in New Zealand if you adhere to the rules of the programs.

Investor Plus

The Investor Plus pathway requires that you invest a minimum of NZ$10 million, which needs to be maintained for 3 years a minimum. During the 3 years of maintenance, you are required to reside in New Zealand for at least 44 days in every year of the last 2 years. You need to submit documents that support your character as well as your health. Also, achieving language proficiency as needed is of utmost importance.


The Investor pathway requires that you are less than 65 years of age, with 3 years as a minimum business experience. You will have to invest NZ$1.5 million in New Zealand which needs to be maintained for 4 years. Also, you must have a backup of an extra NZ$1 million. During the 4 years of investment, you will have to reside in New Zealand for at least 146 days every day in the last 4 years.

The employee of a Relocating Business

This immigration category was introduced to assist a business in relocating or opening a branch in New Zealand. It helps the management representative obtain permanent residence in New Zealand to do the proceedings as would be required.

Such an applicant must be key personnel in the business. He or she must provide documents supporting his/her health as well as character. The applicant has to fulfill the language requirements. Such an applicant should not have been qualified or applied for other residence programs.

Advantages of New Zealand Residence

The following are the advantages of New Zealand residence:

  • Citizenship in New Zealand after 5 years
  • A stable and thriving economy
  • Excellent business opportunities
  • Top-notch healthcare and education
  • A large number of lifestyle opportunities for all ages
  • Spouses as well as children included
  • Low initial investment
  • A secure place to live
  • Awe-inspiring natural environment
  • Easy to start and conduct business

Why Do Investors Choose to Migrate to New Zealand?

No doubt, New Zealand is innovative and progressive in its high standards for business as well as global ranking. Its lifestyle, culture, and climate are what attract individuals to make an investment to choose ‘New Zealand’ as their new home.

Draw cards in New Zealand are its well-known lifestyle (robust education system, friendly people, and relaxed pace) prior visits, family, or friends. Not many investor migrants have chosen New Zealand for immigration for the sole purpose of investing their funds.

Procedures and Time Frame of New Zealand Residence by Investment

Applications should consist of completed application forms. They must be accompanied by the right fees as well as supporting documents. The time to process an application is 8 to 9 months right from the application submission to approval.

Investments can be made across 3 years (being maintained for the 4th year). After 4 years of keeping the funds in the country, if they fulfill the requirements for the least possible time spent in New Zealand, investors can apply for PR (Permanent Residence). After 4 years and fulfilling the investment as well as time-in-country requirements, residents can look after their parents’ application under the Parent Retirement category.

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