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If you want to settle in a great country like Australia, what you need is an Investment Visa Australia 2023.

Australia has become one of the most popular immigration destinations in the world. Thousands of HNWIs (high-net-worth individuals) prefer to relocate to its shores reaping the benefits from its high living standards and pleasant environment.

The Australian economy is dominated by services sectors, including real estate, media, education, tourism, the banking system, and many more. This amazing country takes immense pride in being rich in its natural resources.
Moreover, it had a record of being a nation with uninterrupted growth in GDP. Australia has long been welcoming immigrants to fill in their vacancies in diverse fields and also, to expand business prospects by making an investment in the markets and its real estate.

About Investment Visa Australia

For successful business owners, investors, and senior executives who want to settle in Australia, the business investment visa Australia is an encouraging pathway towards conducting opportunities for doing business in Australia. Kindly note there are two main avenues for gaining entry into Australia.

Under immigration law in Australia, any candidate who enters the country under the first stream will be required to go through a 2-stage progression for PR (permanent residence). This process includes holding a Business Skills Provisional Visa for a 4-year period. At the same time, they will continue to satisfy the requirements before an application for Business Skills Residence Visa can be made.

Permanent Residence Business Visa – Australian PR by investment. It is important to note the second stream of direct permanent residence is only available to candidates who are sponsored by a State or Territory government. This visa category is referred to as the Business Talent Visa.

Business Skills Program

The business skills program is fundamentally subdivided into below-mentioned four various categories:

  • For owners or part owners of a business
  • A senior executive employee of a big business
  • Business owners or individuals who wish to invest in Australia
  • Individuals with significant business history who have acquired sponsorship from a State or Territory government

Stage 1

Temporary Business Visa

The following are the five eligibility streams for 188 business visas:

  • 188A Visa (Business and Innovation Stream)
  • 188B Visa (Investor Stream)
  • 188C Visa (Significant Investor Stream)
  • 188D Visa (Premium Investor Stream)
  • 188E Visa (Entrepreneur Stream)

Stage 2

Permanent Business Visa

  • 888 Visa is Permanent Business Innovation and Investment Visa

Business Talent (Subclass 132) Visa

Business owners are fortunate as there are quite a number of visas that the Australian government makes available for them. Needless to say, only legit business owners can take advantage of these visas. Keep in mind that requirements are quite strict. So qualifying for them can be a challenge, although it can be done especially if the business is legit and established.

How to Know If You Are Eligible for a Business Investment Visa Australia?

Here are the types of visas that one can obtain on their business ventures to Australia:

Subclass 188 Business Innovation and Investment Visas

This visa category is designed for business owners and investors who wish to establish their businesses in Australia. This visa has a validity of 4 years, and the criteria to obtain this visa are provided below:

188A Visa (Business and Innovation Stream)

Subclass 188A is appropriate for business owners as well as investors from out of the country who wish to invest in a new or existing business in Australia. This provisional visa is valid for up to 4 years.

188B Visa (Investor Stream)

This is a temporary visa that candidates are required to hold for 4 years before they become eligible for permanent residence. The visa applicant should make an investment of AUD$1.5 million in Government Bonds for up to 4 years.

188C Visa (Significant Investor Stream)

This visa is valid for those candidates who wish to invest a minimum amount of AUD $5 million. They must have satisfied the significant requirements for investment. There is no AGE limit. Applicants ought to be willing to maintain an active business as well as investment activity in Australia. You, as a business owner or investor, must be nominated by a State or Territory government for this visa.

188D Visa (Premium Investor Stream)

This is a temporary visa and is available to those who wish to invest AUD$15 million minimum in a “premium investment” in Australia. It is appropriate for those applicants who maintain a business and active investment domain in the country.

188E Visa (Entrepreneur Stream)

This visa is available to business owners who have received an agreement for funding from a third party for a minimum amount of AUD$200,000. Such agreements are required to be made between the 2 parties for entrepreneurial activity. This activity is expected for a product’s commercial status or service or for the purpose of developing a business in Australia. Candidates should be nominated by a State or Territory government.

What Does a Business Investment Visa Australia Let You Do?

Here’s what the Business Investment Visa Australia allows you to do:

  • Since it is a full re-entry visa, you can travel in and out of Australia for your visa life
  • You can include your dependent family members in your application and they can get the same visa
  • Apply for Permanent Residence – Business Innovation and Investment Visa-Subclass 888 (Permanent) after 5 years
  • You need to have been an Australian resident for a cumulative total of 40 days per year from the time visa was granted. This is only when you are willing to apply for PR.
  • If your spouse wants to apply as the PR visa’s main applicant, they need to have been a resident for a cumulative total of 180 days per year from the time 188 visas were granted.

How Can You Apply for the Business Investment Visa Australia?

There are two main ways you can apply for a business innovation and investment visa:

Online Application

You can choose to apply online by submitting the required documents through ImmiAccount. The documents, which you submit electronically, should be scanned in colour.

In-person Application

For the majority of business visa applications, you must send the application by post to Adelaide Business Skills Processing Centre – applications that are sent to other locations will not be considered.

Business Investment Visa Australia Processing Time

Well, it takes two and a half years for processing your business investment visa application. However, there are some visa types for which Australia does not have a definite processing time. The time of processing is delayed if you miss any documents from the application or provided inaccurate information.

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