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If a trip to Hong Kong is on your bucket list, you need a Hong Kong Tourist Visa for Indians.

Hong Kong, over the years, has become an immensely popular tourist spot where visitors will never get bored nor will they get disappointed. The majority of people out there consider Hong Kong a country on its own. However, it is a part of the PRC (People’s Republic of China). It is a city, which was previously known as Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, or the HKSAR for short.

Dazzling skylines, Disneyland, and Asian culture are some of the things you can look forward to when visiting such a wonderful tourist destination. Hong Kong is replete with historical, cultural, and modern wonders.

You, as an Indian citizen, will not be able to enter the country unless you have two vital requirements. Hong Kong is well-known for its unique culture, fascinating views, lip-smacking food, and local festivals. It is a paradise for those who cannot do without going on a shopping spree.

What is Hong Kong Visa?

Well, certain formalities must be followed when you are traveling to another nation, as a tourist. A Hong Kong Tourist Visa for Indians is for travelers who wish to experience the best of what Hong Kong has to offer – checking out sightseeing spots, visiting museums and exhibitions, attending concerts, and taking part in other leisure activities.

Keep in mind that the validity of the permit depends on the requirement as well as the method through which the visa was obtained. Stay permitted with the PAR (pre-arrival registration) is for 14 days. It can be changed or even extended depending on the Immigration Officer.

Types of Hong Kong Visas

Different kinds of permits are issued for Hong Kong. These can be distinguished based on certain factors including duration of stay, the purpose of the visit, and others. The following are some of the common types of short-term permits:

Hong Kong Tourist Visa

This is the type of permit, which is issued to travelers whose purpose of the visit is tourism and other leisure activities as well. This permit’s validity will depend on the requirement of your stay and the Immigration Department.

Hong Kong Business Visa

This visa in Hong Kong is issued to business individuals who are looking to travel to the country for performing business activities. Also, the holder of this visa is permitted leisure activities.

Hong Kong Visitor Visa

This visa is similar to the tourist visa except for the visit differences in this case. A visitor visa is issued to those candidates whose purpose for traveling to Hong Kong is to visit their friends and family members as well.

Eligibility Criteria for Hong Kong Tourist Visa for Indians

All candidates who are applying for a Hong Kong visa are required to abide by the following benchmark:

  • Must be 18 years and above at the time of making the application for the visa
  • A valid passport
  • Proof and documents suggesting that you are financially independent to look after your Hong Kong visa requirements during your stay
  • Must have a sound, moral character
  • A person with a criminal ancestor is not allowed to enter the shores of Hong Kong. In case, you are found to be hiding any unlawful activity, you are bound to be deported to your home country
  • You ought to possess a basic or fluent command of Chinese (Cantonese) or English (written and spoken)
  • A great academic background is always welcomed in Hong Kong
  • Professionals with the exceptional skill set are always given preference

Documents for Hong Kong Tourist Visa for Indians

Here is a list of some vital documents you require to apply for a Hong Kong tourist visa:

  • A valid passport with a clear coloured front and last full page. Make sure it should have a validity of at least 6 months
  • Contact information and home country address of the visa applicant (education details in the case of children and employer information in the event of a business visit)
  • Information about prior travels to Hong Kong in the last 3 years (both year and month)
  • Information on all travels taken in the past to Hong Kong except last year (both year and month)
  • The mobile phone number of the visa applicant
  • Aadhar card
  • Last month’s electricity bill
  • Valid Schengen/US visa copy
  • Last three years’ income tax returns
  • Proof of accommodation (hotel name, address, and phone number)
  • Return flight tickets

How can you apply for Hong Kong Tourist Visa for Indians?

Application for getting a Hong Kong Tourist Visa for Indians is to be made with PAR (pre-arrival registration). It is a compulsory procedure and must be followed by Indian applicants. However, you must match the eligibility criteria for getting this permit. Here is the process for application with PAR:

  1. Visit the Hong Kong Immigration official website to register for the permit
  2. Make sure you fill out the application form with accurate details
  3. The system will provide the registration result right away
  4. A Notification Slip will be generated and it is to be printed out on an A4-size paper
  5. Take a trip to Hong Kong with your passport, Notification Slip, and other requirements (if requested)
  6. The Immigration Officer will then clear you to enter Hong Kong

When providing details for PAR, ensure that the information provided by you is accurate and matches the details of the passport. If you are unable to do so, there is a high chance that PAR will not succeed. Thus, it is safe if you consider professional assistance.

You can choose to apply offline to the Hong Kong Immigration Department directly. This is when PAR does not work. You need to follow this process upon failure of the PAR system. That is because it is compulsory for applications for a Hong Kong Tourist Visa for Indians. The online process is mentioned below:

  • Download the Hong Kong visa application form
  • Print the application form. Have it filled out and sign the document
  • Now collect the necessary documents
  • Attach all the hard copies of all the required documents and your photograph to the application form
  • Ensure that you air mail documents’ hard copies to the Hong Kong Immigration Department
  • Along with the documents, mail an International Bank Draft in favour of “The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for HK$190
  • After the processing, the visa label will be air-mailed back to you. It is to be pasted on a blank page in your passport.

Photo Specifications for Hong Kong Tourist Visa for Indians

The following are the specifications you must consider when applying for a Hong Kong tourist visa:

  • Must provide two copies
  • Photo size must be 40mm*50mm
  • Make sure you provide a coloured copy
  • The face in the photo should cover about 70-80% of the frame
  • The photograph must not be older than six months
  • Face expressions must be neutral
  • The photo must be on a white background
  • Glasses are not allowed
  • Headgear is not permitted except for sacred reasons
  • Clothing must not go with the background
  • The teeth must not be shown in the photograph

Hong Kong Tourist/Transit Visa Fee

If an applicant is not able to acquire a PAR, he or she has to straight away apply for a valid visa directly with the assistance of the Hong Kong Immigration Department. The fee for the visa is HK$190 per passport and has to be paid through a Bank Draft.

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