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At OASIS RESOURCE MANAGEMENT the focus is on client satisfaction, keeping in mind the quality and the aspects of a client. With a team of Knowledgeable Immigration Counselors, we have continuously evolved from being what we were, to where we stand today.

We at Oasis Visas, with a team of expert counselors, deeply understand the requirements of a client to whatever extent it could take. When it comes to visa, we analyze the complete profile of a client, take into consideration their accolades and compare it with the criteria that are been set by authorities, thus helping them with their visa. If a client wants IMMIGRATE, there has never been a better option than Oasis Visas.

We have efficiently walked 'a distant mile', which has made us climb the ninth sky! We promise to serve best immigration solutions with quality and assurance. We never make our clients visualize the false dreams, rather work on facts, staying updated with the rules and regulations of the immigration, deliver the guaranteed visas.

We have comparatively been faster than what it actually takes for an application to get assessed, with our friendly workplace environment; we never make the client feel what it actually takes for the processing. We believe to work in intense and challenging mind-sets, gaining firmness and a gigantic experience, making us a big name when it comes to being an immigration consultant.


The Oasis points calculator is a simple way to assess the strength of your profile when applying to work, study, or settle in a foreign country.


Following Steps
to Apply Visa

We provide a skilled staff to help you get the most out of your immigration. Our qualified and dependable Immigration Consultants can assist you in obtaining a favorable result in your case.

Step 1

of Qualifications

Step 2

Enhancement of
Detailed Job Description

Step 3

Checking & Organizing
of Necessary Documents

Step 4

Finalization &
Encoding of Application Forms

Step 5

Proper Filling-out, Finalization & Encoding
of the Personal Net Worth Statement

Step 6

Financial Advice & Planning

Step 7

Quality Assurance

Step 8

Scanning & Filing of
the Document Package

Step 9

Correspondence with the Embassy


WHY CHOOSE Oasis Visas

Countless Benefits & Easy Processing

There are so many reasons to choose Oasis Resource Management, some of them are:


Oasis is well updated with the changing immigration landscape. That’s why we have a high success rate.

Knowledge of Various Immigration Pathways

It is our duty to know more about our clients, their profile and recommending them the pathway most suited for them.

Success Rate

The track record of Oasis Resource Management of getting individuals permanent residencies and other types of visas is unmatchable with any other consultancy dealing with immigrants.

Assistance at Every Step

We assist individuals at each step, from documentation to visa filing, making their journey of immigration as easy as it can be.

Additional services

We assist every individual from gathering documents to visa filing, and also provide additional services.


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