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About Our Company

At OASIS RESOURCE MANAGEMENT the focus is on client satisfaction, keeping in mind the quality and the aspects of a client. With a team of Knowledgeable Immigration Counselors, we have continuously evolved from being what we were, to where we stand today. We at OASIS, with a team of expert counselors, deeply understand the requirements of a client to whatever extent it could take. When it comes to visa, we analyze the complete profile of a client, take into consideration their accolades and compare it with the criteria that are been set by authorities, thus helping them with their visa. If a client wants IMMIGRATE, there has never been a better option than OASIS.

We have efficiently walked 'a distant mile', which has made us climb the ninth sky! We promise to serve best immigration solutions with quality and assurance. We never make our clients visualize the false dreams, rather work on facts, staying updated with the rules and regulations of the immigration, deliver the guaranteed visas.

We have comparatively been faster than what it actually takes for an application to get assessed, with our friendly workplace environment; we never make the client feel what it actually takes for the processing. We believe to work in intense and challenging mind-sets, gaining firmness and a gigantic experience, making us a big name when it comes to being an immigration consultant.

Our Core Philosophies


Our efficient help-desk and different contact channels make it very easy for our clients to connect to us.


We focus on our client's needs and take a "Yes we can" approach to every process case.


Our honest & authentic agreement speaks of our commitment to providing transparent services.


Adhering to the principle of punctuality, we process visas within the promised timescale; at a reasonably good cost.


We have our operation centers spread all over the country, so that you can reach out to us at any of your nearest location.

Why Hire OASIS RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Immigration Consultancy

While it is true that most of the information and application forms are available online and people who can do their process alone directly with the government, hiring us can bring substantial benefits for lots of reasons:

  • So Many Immigration Programs to Choose From. Every person is unique with his or her own profile, experience, education and situation, and there are a lot of Immigration applications to choose from. Access to the internet provide extremely valuable information about immigration programs, but discussions normally touch on general information. Further, not all immigration programs are being discussed in detail to aid complete and correct understanding.
  • Competency. As a CLIENT ORIENTED ORGANIZATION, we must continuously fulfill many requirements to obtain and maintain the professional title. We are also kept abreast with changes to the Immigration Program.
  • Extensive Knowledge & Wide Experience – We know what to avoid, what can help your application, and how best to present your case. Submissions are professionally prepared and perfected, deadlines are observed, and often save the applicant time and money. Some people can even put their whole immigration application at stake even with just one mistake.
  • The Confidence of Submitting a Well Presented and Complete Application. Just looking at the checklist of documents is most often not enough. Each requirement have to be presented carefully and with close attention to the most minute details.
  • Individualized Attention. Each personalities and situations are different, and circumstances during the processing of an application do change. Having us work for your best interest assures you that continuous attention is given to your application.
  • Preventing & Handling Refusals. Refusals can normally be prevented since we meticulously consider all the aspects of the application. In case of a refusal of an application, we will be able to tell you all the other options available with the end goal of turning a no into a yes.
  • Overall Support. We will not limit to helping you with the desired visa, but will also provide you information about your other options. We also provide tools that will help you settle more quickly and smoothly such as finding a job, a home, registering your kids at school, learning about life in a new country, and other things you may need as a newcomer.
  • To Save Time. Not everyone has hours available to learn theImmigration System and to prepare everything that is needed in an application. By retaining our services, you won’t have to worry about learning everything anymore, we will be your guide and partner all throughout.
  • Communicating With the Government Becomes Easier. You don’t have to worry anymore about communicating with the government directly as we will be your representative. We will be there in responding to all requests for explanations and further submissions. We can also open communication channels, not because of special privileges, but because we know the correct process and strategies on how this can be achieved.
  • Prepare You for the Interview. Having a complete application still does not guarantee an approval. If called upon for an interview and you are so nervous and had been unable to answer well, there is a high chance that all efforts will be for nothing.We will prepare you for your interview so that come that day, you know exactly how to answer and be confident in doing so.
  • Your Rights are Protected. The Canadian legal system or for the matter of fact any first world country's legal system is considered as one of the bests in the world, but there still exists situations where a candidate's rights are not fully respected such as a breach of natural justice, wrongly assessed qualifications, and where the office responsible for the mistake refuses to review it, and other situations. Fortunately, these situations are not too common, but they may still happen. Being represented will help you through this kind of situation.
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