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Live in Austria

If you intend to stay in Austria for more than six months and are not an EEA citizen or a Swiss national, then you will need to get a residence permit. Austria offers different types of resident permits. However, if your period of stay is less than six months, you do not require a residence permit, but you will need a visa.

The application for a residence permit should be made in person and in your home country before you enter Austria. Residence permits are issued for either employment, study or research. You need to have a fixed and regular source of income to meet your living costs. The best cities to live in Austria include Vienna, Innsbruck and Salzburg.

Residence Permits to Migrate to Austria

  • Nufenthaltsbewilligung or temporary residence permit (for temporary stay in Austria)
  • Betriebsentsandter for employees sent on temporary duty
  • Rotationsarbeitskraft for company representatives/managers/executives
  • Selbsttändiger for self-employed individuals
  • Forscher for researchers in Austrian educational institutions
  • Künstler for self-employed artists
  • SonderfälleunselbständigerErwerbstätigkeit for journalists, guest lecturers
  • Student for individuals attending college/university in Austria
  • Schüler for students attending school (grade 1-12) in Austria
  • Niederlassungsbewilligung - this visa is for foreign nationals who plan to live in Austria for a period exceeding six months.

Eligiblility Criteria

To apply for permanent residency in Austria, you must meet the following requirements:

  • For the past five years, you must have had legal status in Austria.
  • You must be financially self-sufficient, whether through employment or self-employment.
  • You must be insured by health insurance for those five years.
  • Module 2 of the Integration Agreement must be fulfilled, which involves achieving a B1 level of German.

How to apply for permanent residence in Austria

To apply for Austrian permanent residence, you will need to apply in person at the provincial government authority in your city. Processing times vary, but once you are approved, you will receive your credit-card shaped residence permit which is valid for the next five years.

To apply, you will need to present the following documents:

  • Application for a residence permit, Antrag auf ErteilungeinerAufenthaltsbewilligung (in German)
  • Passport, or another valid travel document
  • Passport photo that is compliant with EU regulations and no older than six months
  • Birth certificate, or another equivalent document
  • Proof of adequate accommodation, such as a rental agreement, lease, or proof of ownership
  • Proof of financial self-sufficiency, such as employment contract or income statement
  • Completion of Module of Integration Agreement proof
  • Valid Austrian health insurance proof
  • Credit history
  • Any of the following applicable documents: marriage certificate, divorce certificate, civil partnership certificate, certificate of dissolution of a civil partnership, adoption certificate, and other documents proving family relationships.

Permanent residence costs in Austria

Applying for permanent residence in Austria costs, €210 for adults, however, this does not include the costs of translation and certification of documents. Companies such as lingoking can provide a fast and flexible translation service to assist you with your application for permanent residence. You can pay for your Austrian residence permit by cash or credit card. Because applicants are required to be financially self-sufficient, they are expected to pay the non-refundable costs of the application.

Requirements for permanent residence in Austria

In order to apply for Austrian permanent residence, you must have met the following requirements:

  • Had legal status in Austria for the past five years, uninterrupted
  • Been financially self-sufficient, whether through independent means, a job, or self-employment
  • Maintained health insurance for those five years
  • Maintained adequate accommodation, and had your accommodation registered with the government, for those five years
  • Been no threat to security or public order
  • You also must have completed Module 2 of the Integration Agreement, which includes attaining a B1 level of German

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