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Shape The World Of Global Mobility

If you see past barriers and straight to solutions, our world would be better with you in it. Explore jobs to see what we can accomplish together.

A Little Bit About Us

We focus on the details of everything we do. All to help Customers around the world focus on what’s most important to them. We take pride in freeing up others to work in the spotlight by solving complex requirements of various types of immigration problems that would otherwise hold them back.


Being immigration consultants we keenly look for people who believe in others growth and well being. Oasis Resource Management needs people who are ready to outlive the challenges and are motivated to take the company to new heights. Primarily we require candidates that have high learning zeal, a creative streak, and want to build a better career.


Submit Your Application

First things first, when you apply our backend team scrutinize it if it's according to our requirement. If it meets our requirements then we further contact you.

HR Interview

The second step is the round with our HR head, who will figure out some essential aspects of the candidate before briefing about the opportunity.

Department Interview

Afterwards, the applicant will be interviewed by the concerned department managers to assess your previous knowledge and skills.

Documents Verification

Herein your qualification and past experience documents are thoroughly screened along with any other required documents as part of the process.

Final Offer

If a candidate clears all the interview rounds, then finally he/she will be provided with a company’s offer letter. Here onwards, you are a part of our organization.


Global Exposure

Our vision is to be global than ever in this fast-moving world, where people are immigrating in large numbers overseas for better futures. Thus, at Oasis Resource Management you get a global coverage that works in a new age ecosystem that is mobile and vigorous.

Unprecedented Growth

If you become a part of this company then you’re automatically accessible to our accelerated growth plan which comes through commitment towards our customers. Moreover, the company provides personal growth to an individual by various means.

Regular Skill Development

You are best modified and prepared when trained by time. As every profession requires an employee’s skill upgrade and update according to the current scenarios. So, we provide regular skill development and training sessions.


Work With Purpose

We believe in being a force for good. At OASIS, you have opportunities to lend your expertise in helping us meaningfully and positively impact the communities we serve.

Be Well And Welcomed

Go ahead—bring the best, most authentic version of yourself and know you’ll be included. We support you from diversity, equity and inclusion to personal wellbeing, because when you thrive, we thrive.

Innovate With Us

Entrepreneurial minds flourish at OASIS. That's because we welcome your big ideas and ways to innovate the future of global mobility.

Own Your Destiny

Your future is yours. We empower you to take control of it with expert guidance, mentorship and development opportunities that help you identify and reach your full potential.

Grow A Global Network

Our reach is worldwide. So, whether you want to work with global teams, meet someone with fresh perspectives or potentially explore new horizons—you can make connections all around the world.

Be A Disruptor

If you're not satisfied with the status quo, you'll succeed at OASIS. Help us rewrite the rules and turn your ideas into positive impact—because we're not just providing mobility services but discovering solutions to tomorrow's challenges.


Competitive compensation and incentive bonus

  • Competitive compensation packages
  • Performance-based bonus programs

Well-being support and benefits

  • Focus on your holistic well-being
  • Community building through active employee resource groups and local impact initiatives

Mentorship and development

  • Coaching and mentorship, with access to leaders at all levels
  • Industry-leading technical learning and leadership development


We will hire hundreds of people who read these words. We cannot possibly succeed in our goals without doing so. We would be thrilled if you had questions about opportunities or just wanted to chat to explore options. Do not worry too much about picking exactly the right one; we can always give you more options after starting the conversation.


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