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If a trip to Germany is what you have in mind, you need a Germany Tourist Visa from India.

There is probably more than just one reason to visit fantastic Germany. This European nation has something for every type of traveler – right from artistic and vivacious towns to its quaint and unusual countryside; Germany is a great country you should plan your next visit to.

The Western European country of Germany takes immense pride in being home to fascinating events such as the Oktoberfest and the Berlin Film Festival. Also, it is a well-known hub for arts. So any art aficionado would be glad to visit Germany.

Germany is a striking tourist destination, which entices millions of tourists every year. With a fine blend of rich history, grandiose castles, and scenic landscapes, Germany has become one of the most sought-after tourist destinations.

What you need is a short-term visa to travel to Germany, which has a validity of 90 days. This short-term visa is also called the ‘Schengen Visa’. The Schengen Visa is valid in all the countries in Europe being a part of the Schengen agreement.

What is a German Visa?

A Germany Tourist Visa from India is mainly an official permit, which allows individuals to enter Germany. Non-Germans, with this visa, can live in and visit the country for a specified period. Also, it enables foreign nationals to pass through international transit zones in the country while taking a trip to other European nations. However, separate German visas are not issued to foreigners for short-time visits. Nonetheless, a long-term national visa is issued if foreign nations are looking to stay over 3 months (90 days) in Germany.

The Schengen Visa is a single visa allowing individuals to travel to 26 Schengen nations, including Germany. This visa is only issued to those individuals outside the Schengen area who require a visa while entering the area.

Types of Germany Visas for Indian Citizens

There are usually two types of German visas for citizens of India:

Schengen Visa

This particular visa type is granted to Indian citizens looking to visit Germany for a short time. A German representative issues this type of visa to a foreign national transiting in the country or living for less than 3 months (or 90 days).

Short-Stay Visa

A short-stay visa is issued to Indian nationals who are planning a short stay in Germany. Holders of this visa can stay in the country for not more than 90 days within 180 days. A single visa enables foreign nationals to visit Germany to all Schengen nations. A Schengen visa, on the other hand, allows access only to the nations indicated on the visa sticker, including Germany.

Do I Need a Germany Schengen Visa?

Yes! As an Indian citizen, you require a Germany Tourist Visa from India or a Schengen visa for visiting such a spectacular nation for tourism purposes or even visiting friends and family. Indian nationals can apply for a visa that allows them to live in Germany for a maximum number of 90 days.

However, keep in mind that the visa application can get a bit complex. Apply for the visa as you get time. The sooner, the better!

Some Vital Things to Know About Germany

Before you choose to travel to Germany, you must get acquainted with some key information about this splendid country in Europe.

  •  Euro is the currency of Germany
  • German is the official language of Germany with 35 dialects
  • Germany is probably one of the world’s most densely populated countries
  • Smoking is banned in public places
  • Berlin is where Europe’s largest station is located
  • There are over 2,100 castles located in Germany
  • Germany’s climate is moderately continental, which is marked by cold winters

Documents required to apply for Germany Tourist Visa from India

While applying for a visa to Germany, you will need the documents mentioned below:

  • A valid passport must not be over 10 years old. It must be valid for at least 3 months from your departure date from Germany, or any other Schengen country.
  • 2 identical, colored photographs (make sure 70-80% of your face is visible)
  • A duly filled-out application form
  • Evidence of travel in terms of air tickets (both inwards and outwards)
  • Travel insurance policy with minimum health coverage for €30,000
  • Evidence of enough financial resources to look after yourself i.e the bank statement for the last 6 months
  • A cover letter that explains your travel purpose
  • Proof of paid fees for a particular visa
  • A leave letter from your organization
  • NOC (no-objection certificate) of school or university (if student)
  • Personal cover letter with the itinerary (entire travel plan)

How can you apply for Germany Tourist Visa from India

To apply for a Germany Tourist Visa from India, ensure that you follow the steps mentioned below:

  • To begin with, it pays to apply early. Make sure you apply for the visa at least 3 weeks before the date on which you choose to travel
  • Search for the nearest German Embassy/Consulate in your country. This is where you need to set up an appointment. If there is no German Embassy/Consulate in your nation, locate the German Embassy in your neighboring country. You may set up an appointment online but it depends on the Embassy.
  • Maintain accuracy and sincerity when filling out the application form. Print 2 copies and sign on both.
  • Make the payment for the visa fee and take the confirmation for payment
  • You must have all the required documents before you submit the application
  • It is always good to prepare for the interview by searching online for questions asked during the interview. Ensure that you are on time for the interview.

What are the Visa Photo Requirements for Germany Tourist Visa from India?

When you submit your visa application, it is important to ensure that your visa photo meets the following requirements:

  • Submit one passport-size photograph
  • The photograph must have been taken within 6 months
  • The photograph must be high resolution
  • The photograph should be taken on a white background
  • It should meet the requirements specified by Germany
  • Dimensions: 35mm*45mm in size

Processing Time for Germany Tourist Visa from India

The processing time for the German tourist visa highly depends on the application centre and its workload. The waiting time for a Schengen tourist visa is usually 2 weeks. But you can never be too certain; hence, it is crucial to apply for the visa as soon as possible.

In some cases, the waiting time for a German tourist visa is 30 days. However, depending on certain circumstances, it may take up to 60 calendar days. It depends on the workload.

German Tourist Visa Fee

For adults, the fee for a German tourist visa is €80. Children aged between 6-12 years of age will have to pay €40. Other country nationals that have visa-facilitation agreements with the EU are required to pay €35.

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