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If you want to Work in Ireland from India, it will be the smartest decision you will make for your career. Get in touch with one of the top work visa consultants for professional assistance at every step of the way.

Ireland is a beautiful European nation that has gained immense popularity among individuals looking to work outside of their home country. Working and residing in Ireland entitles you to free European Union membership as well. Another great benefit is that you can apply for citizenship after living in Ireland for five years.

Best Ireland Work Visa Consultants in Delhi

Ireland has distinct available visas for those individuals who desire to work in the country liberally.

Work in Ireland from India

Oasis Resource Management is one of the trusted work visa consultants that have been consistently helping candidates Work in Ireland from India. We help them live their dream of living and working abroad.

How to Apply for an Ireland Work Permit?

The application for a work permit in Ireland starts with the choice of the type of work permit an applicant is looking to apply for. Once the applicant opts for the kind of permit they want, they must fill out the application form. Following are the details you need to fill out on the work permit application form:

  • Personal information and whether the agent is assisting the applicant in form completion
  • Registration details
  • Foreign nationality details
  • Redundancy details
  • Employment details
  • Remuneration details
  • Additional details

Visa to Work in Ireland from India

Make sure you are aware of the visa requirements if you want to work in Ireland. If you are from a non-European country, it is important to obtain a work permit before you can work in Ireland. Work permits are segregated into two categories:

  1. Ireland General Employment Permit
  2. Ireland Critical Skills Employment Permit

Ireland General Employment Permit

This permit enables you to work in the country for 30,000 Euros annually as a minimum. Before applying for a visa, you are required to have a job offer. You or your company can avail of this visa. At the very least, your job must continue for a period of two years. To apply for this visa, you ought to have a degree that is appropriate to the employment you were chosen for. This visa is valid for two years and it can be extended for another three years. After five years on this work permit, you can easily apply for long-term residency in Ireland.

Documents to Apply for a Visa to Work in Ireland from India

  • A certified copy of your passport
  • A passport-size photo meeting Ireland’s photo criteria
  • An employment contract copy signed by you and your employer
  • If you are an Ireland resident at the time of application, you need to have a copy of your registered immigration stamp
  • You need to have a copy of the IDA/Enterprise Ireland Letter of Support if deemed appropriate
  • Information about your job, which contains the name, address, and registration number of your company. Also, it includes certificates from recognized organizations
  • Job specifics, including compensation, tasks, job responsibilities, and employment length

Application Process to Work in Ireland from India

An Irish work visa application can be submitted by you (the overseas employee) or your company. Also, the employer in your home country can file the application on your behalf if you transfer from a firm located abroad to its branch in Ireland (intra-company transfer). You (or your employer) are obliged to submit your application for a work permit for Ireland through EPOS (short for Employment Permits Online System).

Ireland Critical Skills Employment Permit

A Critical Skills Employment Permit in Ireland is issued for a period of two years. This permit can be renewed for the foreseeable future. An initiative by the department of jobs, it provides outstanding opportunities for skilled and qualified professionals. Green Card in Ireland is your path to settling in the European Union. It lets you bring your loved ones (your family members) into the country as dependents.

Eligibility Criteria to Work in Ireland from India

  • Offer Letter from the Employer
  • Occupations with a minimum annual experience of €30
  • A suitable degree qualification or higher is required
  • The job offer is valid for a period of 2 years

How Can Oasis Resource Management Help?

As one of the Best Ireland Work Visa Consultants in Delhi, the experts at Oasis Resource Management can assist you in filling out the application with the embassy, the application process, the document checklist, and follow-ups as well.


Is IELTS Required for Ireland Work Visa?

Yes, it’s true! Applicants for Ireland Work Visa from non-EEA countries must score specific band scores in IELTS for proving their English language proficiency.

What is the Procedure to Get a Work Permit in Ireland from India?

The Ireland General Work Permit is a Work Visa, which authorizes non-EU nationals to work legally in the country. This is for an employer in a particular occupation and the Visa is granted for 2 years in the beginning.

The Ireland Work Visa is offered to applicants with a job offer. It contains all occupations unless specified otherwise. The job offer has to be from an Irish trading and registered employer.

The employer or employee can submit the application for Ireland Work Visa (General). It should consist of proof that it was not possible to find a Swiss or EEA national for filling the occupation. The remuneration to be offered for the position should be above €30,000.

Does it take long to get a Work Visa in Ireland?

The standard processing time for Work Visa for Ireland is 6 to 8 weeks. However, with Immigration Experts’ assistance, it is possible to organize the visa in 3 to 4 weeks as well.

Can the Spouse Work on Dependent Visa in Ireland?

Ireland’s new visa policies denote that Dependants and Spouses of Green Card holders in the country can apply for Work Visas. This is for working in any occupation. In addition, the employer is not required to carry out a test for labour market needs for Work Visas for Dependants/Spouses.

Is Getting an Irish Work Permit Easy?

Getting the Ireland Work Visa is simple if the applicants fulfill certain requirements from outside the EU. They are required to have a job offer for 2 years as a minimum or plus and the salary should be over 30,000 Euros. The applicants should have a degree that is appropriate to the role they have been hired for.

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