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If you are planning a trip to the UK, a UK Tourist Visa from India is what you will need.

The United Kingdom or UK has something for everyone. This spectacular country has been an attraction point for its stunning architectural beauty, eminent history, cultural experiences, and wonderful places to visit.

The UK is an amazing place to be – for a tour, business, or studies. No matter what the reason is, this strikingly beautiful English country will leave you awestruck.

There are a lot of interesting things you can see and do while on your trip to the UK. You can soak culture in at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, get to know fabulous towns of North England, and explore the British landscape

What is a UK Tourist Visa?

Also known as the Standard Tourist Visa, the UK Tourist Visa from India is designed for those individuals who are looking to take a trip to the European nation for a short period i.e. maximum of 6 months for holiday. The purpose of a visit to the UK should be one of the following:

  • Tourism
  • To meet friends or family members
  • To attend business meetings, seminars, or conferences, or conduct business activities.
  • Take a leisure course for up to 30 days
  • Take part in the school exchange program
  • To pass through the UK to another nation (in transit)
  • To volunteer for up to a month with a registered charity

Things You Cannot Do on a UK Tourist Visa from India

  • Get benefits (claim public funds)
  • Live in the UK for a long time or make frequent visits to the country
  • Register a civil partnership or marry or give your marriage notice or civil partnership
  • Work for a UK company as a paid employee

Types of UK Tourist Visas

A tourist visa or the standard UK visitor visa is of the following types:

  • Family Visitors
  • General Visitor Visa
  • Child Visitor Visa
  • Sports Visitors
  • Business Visitor Visa such as visas for academics, doctors, and dentists
  • Entertainer Visitor Visa
  • Prospective Entrepreneur Visa
  • Private Medical Treatment Visitor Visa

Why Do You Need a UK Tourist Visa from India?

A UK visa is necessary if you intend to travel to the UK anytime soon. If you have a UK Tourist Visa from India, it allows the non-British to enter the territory of the country.

British Embassies or Consulates issue the UK visa. This visa gives permits to non-British citizens to travel and live in the United Kingdom for a specific time. In addition, it permits non-British citizens to transit within the international airports’ transit areas in the UK. Moreover, a UK visa is often referred to as London Visa. That is because it lets a non-British citizen for traveling in size.

The United Kingdom consists of four countries in Europe, which are mentioned below:

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
  • Wales

If you are somebody who is looking forward to taking a trip to any of the four countries mentioned above, a UK tourist visa is a must-have. It is recommended to apply for a UK visa as it authorizes a person to travel to any of the four nations than buying individual visas for each member country.

However, it is compulsory to apply for the correct type of visa for the UK. Doing so will assure you of a hassle-free trip. The UK usually offers 7 types of UK visas. It is to be noted that securing your journey and purchasing travel insurance for the United Kingdom will be a smart move. The right travel insurance plan secures you from any of the fateful uncertainties which may result in a financial cost.

How can you apply for a UK Tourist Visa from India?

The process to file a UK visa application is no longer a challenge these days. All you have to do is visit the official website of the UK Government. In addition, by visiting the official website, you can apply for a UK visa through other websites.

Let’s understand the filing of a UK visa application online.

  • It is essential to understand the type of UK visa you will be applying for depending on your travel purpose
  • Once you know the type of visa you require, visit the UK government’s official website
  • Choose the Visas and Immigration section
  • Pick the UK visa category and as a result, apply for the preferred type of UK visitor visa
  • Make sure you have all the documents
  • Pay attention while filling up the UK visa application form
  • Once you have filled out the form, pay the required fees for the UK visa online
  • Now book an appointment at the UK Visa Application Centre
  • Avoid missing your appointment for the UK visa. Do not disregard giving your biometric information
  • The candidates who clear the interview for the UK Visa, visas will be issued to them

Documents Required to Apply for UK Tourist Visa from India

Here is a list of documents you require to apply for a UK Tourist Visa:

  • A valid passport. Make sure your passport has a validity of 6 months. There must be 2 blank pages available for the UK visa
  • Latest Photograph
  • Confirmed Returned Air Tickets
  • Bank Statements
  • Cover Letter
  • Salary Slips
  • Income Tax Form 16
  • Retirement Letter
  • A leave Letter from your school. University, college, or even your employer
  • Proof of Investments – Fixed Deposits, Mutual Funds, Stocks & Shares, NSC (National Saving Certificates), LIC Policies, etc
  • Evidence of financial resources to Support Your Stay
  • Complete Travel Itinerary
  • Proof of Accommodation

Requirements for UK Tourist Visa from India

According to the latest regulations, the photographs have to be as per the instructions mentioned below:

  • Recently taken
  • Eyes – gazing at the lens
  • Glasses – they are permitted only for medical reasons
  • Headgear – not allowed except in religious cases
  • Light grey background
  • Neutral facial expression
  • Dimensions – 35mm*45mm

How to Check Eligibility for UK Tourist Visa from India

Checking the eligibility for a UK Tourist Visa from India can be a tedious process. For a more simplified process, we would recommend using Oasis Resource Management. Once you have checked the eligibility, proceed with your UK tourist visa application. Make sure you have your passport or travel document to enter the UK. Keep in mind that your passport must be valid for at least your trip to the United Kingdom.

However, you must be able to present the below-mentioned:

  • You can take care of yourself and your family members during the trip
  • You will leave the UK once your trip ends
  • You can pay for your return or forward journey
  • You will not reside in the UK for an extended period by making successive visits or making the country your main home

Application Process for UK Tourist Visa from India

Here are the six main steps you need to consider when applying for a UK tourist visa:

  1. Understand the different types of tourist visas available in the UK and choose the one that meets your requirements.
  2. Visit GOV UK so you can begin the application process. Be careful when filling out the application form by providing all the accurate details.
  3. Now pay the UK tourist application fees to proceed further with the visa application process.
  4. Schedule an interview and do take a printout of the mail with the confirmation of your appointment. It is compulsory to carry all the documents when you go for the appointment.
  5. Attend the interview for the submission of your biometrics and all the required documents
  6. Track your application to know the UK tourist visa status

UK Tourist Visa Fees

To apply for a UK Tourist Visa from India, it will cost you €89. However, for private medical treatment given for 6 months up to 11 months, and for an academic to carry out research, the fee to apply for a UK tourist visa will be €179. For a long-term visa, the fee is €337 for 2 years, €612 for 5 years, and €767 for 10 years.

Why Hire Oasis Resource Management?

As one of India’s leading visa and immigration consultants, our experience and expertise in the UK immigration process make us what we are today. We can help you with the immigration documents checklist, complete application processing, forms, documentation, application filing, and more.

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