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If you want to Work in South Africa from India, you need one of the top work visa consultants for a seamless work visa process. South Africa takes pride in its thriving economy and manufacturing sector. It has a plethora of job opportunities for skilled workers in diverse positions and foreign nationals are ever more finding work. However, there are hardly any opportunities for working in South Africa in semi-skilled or unskilled positions. Hence, the South African government encourages skilled workers’ applications in occupations for which the country faces a deficiency. The latest list of critical skills records more or less 35,000 positions across 53 different categories.

Best South Africa Work Visa Consultants in Delhi

Work in South Africa from India

Oasis Resource Management can help you to Work in South Africa from India and turn your dream into reality. We take care of everything with regard to your work visa, including the document checklist, and the application process, assist in filling out the application with the embassy, and follow-ups.

Eligibility for a Visa to Work in South Africa from India

Listed below are certain criteria you are required to fulfill at the time of applying for a visa to work in South Africa from India.

  • You are required to have proof of confirmed visit
  • You have got to meet the health requirements
  • You should meet the character requirements
  • You ought to have enough funds

Documents Required for a Visa to Work in South Africa from India

As per the work visa requirements for Indian citizens, you will need the below-mentioned requirements to be submitted:

  • A passport with a validity of 6 months from the date you plan to travel
  • 2 photos as per the specifications
  • Original cover letter from the applicant
  • Filled application form
  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
  • Certificate from the Labour Department in South Africa
  • An employment contract copy stating your health condition
  • Radiology report concerning active pulmonary TB (Tuberculosis)
  • Medical report state
  • Bank statements for the last 3 months

How to Apply for a Visa to Work in South Africa from India?

The application for the work permit is carried out offline. Before you start the application, you need to make sure that you are eligible to travel to South Africa in a work category. You are required to make the application as mentioned below:

  • Collect all the documents required for a visa to work in South Africa
  • Visit the South African Home Affairs website
  • Fill out the application form (DHA-1738) for South Africa Work Visa with all your necessary details

Along with the documents and application form, visit one of the Visa Application Centers (VAC) authorized by the South African High Commission for submitting the application.

Visas to Work in South Africa from India

Listed below are the three types of work permits that are available in South Africa:

General Work Visa

The most common type of visa is the General Work Visa. If you want to obtain this visa, the employing company in South Africa is required to prove that the given position cannot be filled by a South African national. In general, this signifies they have to use the local media first to advertise the position to be filled. This ensures that the citizens of the country are not denied jobs. Secondly, proof needs to be submitted of the applicant’s experience and/or qualifications. The qualifications of the applicant have to be checked by the SAQA (short for South African Qualifications Authority).

Also, applicants are required to obtain certification from the Department of Labour, stating among other things that their salary, as well as benefits, corresponds to those paid to the citizens of the country in similar positions.

Critical Skills Work Visa (Highly Skilled Migrants)

There are a few skills that are considered exceptional by the Government of South Africa. Any person with such skills and/or qualifications can apply for a Critical Skills Work Visa. The applicant, in order to obtain this visa, does not need a job at the time of application.

The legislation indicates what skills meet the criteria as critical through the DHA’s critical skills list. A relevant authority in South Africa (for example, SAQA) needs to verify the skills of an applicant in writing. It ensures the applicant falls within the critical field of work. A letter infrequently from the relevant professional body is mandatory as well. If you are a doctorate in a particular field and have published articles or are a professional in a field, this can support your application. To know more about the conditions for the Critical Skills Work Visa, consider the full list.

Intra-company Transfer Visa (ICT)

The individuals, in today’s world, who work in MNCs (multinational companies) usually transfer between countries. When a person has been transferred to South Africa, they need to apply for an Intra-Company Transfer Visa. Any applicant is required to have worked for six months as a minimum in the foreign office of the company prior to applying to relocate to the branch in South Africa. This visa is issued for a period of 4 years and is not extendable under the new immigration law.

You will need either a work visa or a business visa. It depends on whether you are being transferred or only seconded to the branch of your company. If you are being transferred on a temporary basis to a South African branch or affiliate and will be reported directly to, and on the local branch’s payroll. Then you will need a work visa.

Corporate Visas

This is a visa that is not issued to a person but to a hiring company. It lets that company hire a number of workers from other countries during a specific time period. Workers work on Individual Corporate Worker Certificates. Also, this visa type is amazingly beneficial to a firm. It enables the company to hire foreigners much faster and at an inexpensive fee to the DHA.

Business Visas

If you are planning to move to South Africa for opening a business or investing in an existing business, you are required to apply for a Business Visa. Applicants have got to invest considerable capital and show a business plan as well.

Every business visa applicant is required to apply for a recommendation letter from the Department of Trade and Industry with regard to the feasibility of their business and the business’s contribution to the South African national interest.

Additionally, you must show that:

  • The business’s workforce comprises at least 60% of South African employees
  • The proposed business is undesirable in nature
  • The business has a greater chance to succeed by way of a thorough business plan
  • The business is in compliance with the existing company law in South Africa
  • Among other requirements, the DHA affirms you have got to submit Form BI-1738, plus a certificate that a chartered accountant registered with the South African Institute Of Chartered Accountants issues to the effect that you have a capital contribution and/or cash to the value of no less than ZAR 5 mn, which has originated from outside the country.

Some businesses can lower this amount with a waiver if they are advantageous for the country. These include chemicals and biotechnology, clothing and textile manufacturing, information and communication technology, tourism, automotive manufacturing, and many more.

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Your visa petition is like an investment for the future – yours and your children’s. Apply for the visa from the Best South Africa Work Visa Consultants in Delhi now, and take advantage of it later. Take benefit of all that life has to offer you.

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