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Canada Express Entry Scheme

Express Entry for Canada 2015

A new scheme is launched in January 2015 that will make it easier for suitable qualified immigrants to move to Canada. The Express Entry option will be available to applicants who are qualified to work in skilled jobs where there is currently a shortage of Canadian labour. Similar schemes can be found in other countries around the world such as New Zealand and Australia. Candidates who are accepted under the Express Entry scheme can expect their application to be processed faster.

Express Entry Based on the Expression of Interest Model

The Expression of Interest model was proposed by Federal Government of Canada as a way to attract desirable immigrants into the country. The idea is to select applicants from abroad based on the needs of Canadian employers. It is basically a scheme for prioritising immigrant applications so the best candidates are fast-tracked. When the Expression of Interest model is introduced in January 2015, it will be known as Express Entry.

There are two steps involved in the Expression of Interest model. The first step begins with prospective immigrants who apply to move to Canada. These individuals are required to provide information about their credentials and skills. This information can be used to sort out applicants into pools based on different occupational categories – each applicant will also be ranked within their pool based on their qualifications and experience. The second step is to then match what is available in these pools with what is required by Canadian employers. The Expression of Interest model has been described as like applying for a job at a large corporation where candidates are selected based on the needs of different departments within the organisation.

Five Steps of the Express Entry Scheme

When it is launched in January 2015, the Express Entry scheme will involve five steps:


Each applicant looking to move to Canada will create an online profile as part of the application process. This profile will include information about their qualifications, skills, and experience. Applicants will be ranked based on the information provided in their profiles.


Prospective immigrants who have not already have a job offer will be required to register with the Canada Job Bank.


Those applicants who have profiles that match the current requirements of the labour market will be entered into the Express Entry scheme.


Any candidate who secures employment through the Canada Job Bank will be awarded an Invitation to Apply


Successful applicants will be allowed to apply for permanent residence based on the scheme by which they have been approved (e.g. Federal Skilled Worker Program or Provincial Nomination Program)

Who Can Apply for the Express Entry Option?

One of the nice things about the Express Entry scheme is it is technically open to anyone looking to come to work in Canada. Those who have qualifications, skills, and experience are the most likely to benefit – especially if these credentials are in occupations where there is currently a shortage of workers in Canada.

Advantages of the Express Entry Scheme

One of the great advantages of the Express Entry scheme is that candidates are considered based on the merit of their application rather than being put on a waiting list. This means that a person who applies today could be processed faster than somebody who applied months ago. Once applicants are accepted for Express Entry, they shouldn't have to wait long for their documentation to be approved.

There is also no actual occupation list for this scheme. This means that there may be a higher chance of finding employment with the Job Bank (the same skills and qualifications may be suitable for a number of different jobs).

Tips for Benefit from the Express Entry Scheme

  • Provide a resume that is up-to-date and accurate
  • Complete the IELTS language proficiency test
  • Provide proof of credentials
  • Include references from previous employers
  • Those who have applied to move to Canada prior to January 2015 will need to reapply in order to be considered for the Express Entry scheme
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