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Posted on March 9, 2021

  1. Working hours
  2. Paid Leaves
  3. Work Life Balance
  4. High Salaries
  5. Social Security Benefits
  6. Medical Facilities
  7. Long Term Disability

The benefits of working in this country have a fast-growing economy, there are numerous job opportunities in the IT, Engineering, and manufacturing sectors as compared to other country’s wages and salaries. To meet the best needs of the Albertans the government of Alberta is committed to an inclusive public service that makes consistent efforts to bring foreigners into the workforce.


Employes are paid competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits They earn benefits such as paid leaves, maternal leaves, paternal leaves. On the other hand, they are supported with flexible work arrangements such as part-time, job sharing, compressed weeks, or flexible work schedules.


Social security system helps the citizens of Canada live comfortably even when they are not able to work due to some medical issues or they are unemployed or retired from their job. There are different types of service they provide like housing benefits, family and caregiving benefits, student aid and education benefits, Employment insurance benefits and Public pensions for old age citizens.


With several schemes and equal opportunities to both the citizens and immigrants, Canada offers great proposals to obtain work permits for skilled employees. As a skilled worker looking for employment in Canada, you can gain either an Employer specific work permit or open work permit for both of which allow you to hold a job in the country.


Canadian citizens and permanent residents who have resided in Alberta for at least two years can sponsor a parent,child, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, niece and spouse for provincial nomination. You and your family members will be eligible for social security benefits which will include insurance, long-term disability and pension facilities.

“Albertians have family members with skills and knowledge Alberta needs” said by Alberta Minister of Employment and Immigration, Hector Goudreau.

Further, the employees who actually enjoy a great work life balance are also the potential advocates of their respective organizations. And, all the above reasons set a pretty good reason for the immigrants to fly to canada.

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