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Are you eager to know how to apply for Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program? Ontario is located in East Central Canada. Other than being its capital, Toronto is the most heavily populated in the province. Canada’s capital, Ottawa, is located in Ontario. It is the center of Canada’s social, political, and economic life.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

What is the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program?

Also known as the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program, the Ontario PNP is a provincial nominee program. It is an economic immigration program in the province, which lets Ontario hire foreign nationals.

  • Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) makes the final decision.
  • The selection is made on the basis of economic and labour market needs.
  • Immigrants can Canadian permanent residency through this immigration program.

A prospective immigrant first receives a Notification letter. They need to create an account in the province website portal by submitting relevant documents within 45 days. Once the documents are evaluated, the applicant is likely to receive Ontario Provincial Nomination Certificate. Hence, adding 600 more points to his/her CRS. Then the chosen applicant receives the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Permanent Resident (PR) visa.

The OINP accepts applications under the below-mentioned immigration categories:

  • Ontario Express Entry
  • International Student Category
  • Business Category

Eligibility Criteria of Applicants for Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

  • The profile must be included in the Express Entry Pool
  • A job bank portal must be created for the profile
  • The occupation of the applicant must be on the demand list
  • The lowest CRS score of the applicant must be 400

CRS Score Depends on the Following Factors

  • Age, Education, Language, Work Experience, Spouse Language, Spouse Experience
  • The applicant’s education must be assessed by the Word Educational Service Body
  • It would be great for the applicant to have a job offer from an Ontario-based organization. That is because it adds to the applicant’s score, but it is not mandatory.

Documents Requirement for the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

The documents required to apply for the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program are likely to vary. It will probably change depending on the immigration program you choose to apply to.

Listed below are some basic documents required for the Ontario PNP visa:

  • A valid passport
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of funds
  • Settlement plan
  • Investment funds (if needed)
  • Job offer (if needed)
  • Language skill results
  • Medical examination reports
  • Police Clearance certificate
  • ECA (Educational Credential Assessment)
  • Proof of prior work experience (if required)
  • Dependent Children Information Certificate (in case your dependent child is immigrating as well)
  • Marriage certificate (if you are accompanied by your spouse)

Steps to Apply for the OINP

There are three steps to apply for the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program, including:

Pre-Screen Application

To begin with, the employer submits a request for a pre-screening form to the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration and the board will evaluate the application based on whether there is a need for the job and whether the candidate possesses the skills and experience to fulfill the position.

Nominee Application

The employer will receive an approval letter from the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration blended with an approval certificate on the basis of the verification of the pre-screening form. Not only does the employer share the pre-screening certificate, but they also share the nominee approval package with the chosen employee later.

Provincial Nomination

This is the final step to entering into the province and the country as well, where the employee is required to submit both the pre-screening and nominee approval form to acquire a provincial nominee certificate and get permanent residency as well. Nevertheless, the candidate and their accompanying member (if any) ought to get qualified with certain criteria, such as medical examination and background verification for getting the final approval.

Different Categories under Ontario PNP

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program has three diverse categories for immigrants to apply for provincial nomination. These include:

Employer Offer Job Category

This category is for temporary workers with a valid job offer from an eligible employer in Ontario. Following are three sub-categories:

Foreign Worker Stream

This is for immigrants with work experience in a skilled occupation;

International Student Stream

For recent graduates from the Ontario province’s eligible educational institutions;

In-Demand Skills Stream

This stream is for skilled and competent workers in exclusively targeted occupations, including construction, trucking, agriculture, and personal support workers.

Human Capital Category

This category is an improved stream of Canada allowing the Ontario province to search for competent candidates in the Express Entry Program of the federal government. There are two streams under the Human Capital Category of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program.

International Graduates

To be eligible for applying under this category, recent graduates should apply within two years of getting their degree from Ontario’s eligible educational institution. Following are the two sub-streams: Master Graduate Stream and Ph. D. Graduate Stream

Ontario PNP’s Express Entry Stream

To be eligible for applying under this stream for a provincial nomination, candidates must have received a Notification of Interest (NOI) from the province. They must have an up-to-date profile in the Express Entry Program. Listed below are three sub-streams under this stream:

French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream

This stream is for competent immigrants who have proficiency in French with the required work experience and education.

Human Capital Priorities Stream

This stream is for competent workers with the required work experience, education, and language ability in English or French.

Skilled Trades Stream

This stream is for immigrants with work experience in Ontario in an eligible trade occupation.

Business Category

This category is for entrepreneurs with years of experience under their belts who are looking to start a new or purchase an existing business in Ontario. There is only one stream under the business category – Entrepreneur Stream.

Candidates whose applications are processed without fail get a temporary work permit support letter (based on your performance agreement) for setting up a business in Ontario. If the investment and job creation agreements depicted in the performance agreement are respected, entrepreneurs will have a great opportunity to be nominated for PR status in Canada.

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