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Posted on August 8, 2022

Do you know how to get Canadian citizenship from India? Don’t worry! Even though you are not aware of the Canadian citizenship process. You can go through the whole process for Canadian citizenship in the simple steps mentioned below:

You are qualified to apply for Canadian citizenship, if:

  • You are a permanent Canadian resident
  • You were in Canada at least for 3-years in the immediate previous 5 years
  • You are tax compliant in Canada
  • You have passed the citizenship test
  • You prove your linguistic ability in French or English

Your application for Canadian Citizenship may be affected if:

  • You have any pending obligations with regards to your permanent residency in Canada specified under subsections 5 (1&2), and 11 (1) of the Canadian Citizenship Act
  • You have a criminal record either inside or outside Canada
  • You have received a Departure order to leave Canada
  • On account of incorrect information. You are refused citizenship in Canada 
  • Your Canadian citizenship stands revoked by the Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration body.

Application process to Get Canadian Citizenship from India

Canadian Citizenship Form No CIT 0002

If you are aged 18 years or above, you fill the Application for Canadian Citizenship: Adults – Governing subsection 5(1) CIT 0002

Form CIT 0002 under subsection 5(1) is for Canadian permanent residents. 

Section Wise Online Application for Canadian Citizenship by Permanent Resident

12 Sections Form Fill-Up

First section

1a. Language Preference – You may, either opt for English or French as per your convenience.

1b. Accommodation need – You ticked yes, explain the box enclosure on the right-hand side of the form.

Second Section

Applied before for Citizenship – If yes, mention the year when you applied

Third Section

3a.  Your Name – Should be as per your immigration documents.

The first box is for last name (family name/ surname) & Second box for the name(s)

3b.  Section 3 options for name change/rectification if change pertains to:

  • Shortening your name on immigration documents
  • Legal name change
  • Minor spelling change
  • Major spelling change

 3c. Provide any other names you used including at the time of birth, name/s used before marriage, maiden name, aliases, and nicknames. Format same as Section 3(a).

Fourth Section

Birth Date – Input your birth date as it appears on the immigration document in YYYY-MM-DD format along with city/town details in the first box and Country in the second.

Personal Information – Input your details about:

  • Gender
  • Height in (cm or feet & inch)
  • Eyes Colour
  • Marital Status – Out of the 6 checkboxes tick the relevant check box
  • Residential

Fifth Section

  • Home Address
  • Mailing address
  • Telephone numbers – Home, Work, and Mobile
  • Mention the prior address you lived in years & months format
  • Email address

Sixth Section

6a. Incidence period (date) of your Permanent Residency in YYYY-MM-DD

6b. If different from above, mention your first day in Canada in YYYY-MM-DD

6c. List countries you are a citizen – must have copies of relevant documents in support

6d. Permanent Resident Status (Other than Canada) – Provide the name(s) of the country(s) along with in YYYY-MM-DD) format.

6e. List out addresses of the countries including Canada, in the last 6 years where you became a permanent resident.

6f. Work & Education details within the last 6 years or immediately before your application (whichever is most recent), since you became the permanent resident

6g. Education history of minor

6h. Income Tax details

6i. Presence in Canada (Physical) – Submit the printout of the Online Physical Presence Calculator along with this application that substantiates your presence in Canada.

You are allowed to submit an online print of CIT 0407 (How to Calculate Physical Presence).

6j. Outside Canada Residency – Check the relevant box where you fall in from the three checkboxes.

Please note – If you have ticked ‘Yes’ you are to fill and submit Form CIT0177 “Residence Outside Canada.”

Seventh Section

Language Proficiency Documentation – You need to check that box here for which you have valid documents that prove you have the required English knowledge or French knowledge.

7(a) & (b) is for disabled applicants

Eighth Section

Lists out prohibitions under the Canadian Citizen act which is an elaboration of the points that hinder/ reduce the chance of getting Canadian Citizenship. You are to disclose the correct information by checking the relevant check box.

If you have checked ‘yes’ above, specify the details using the space of sub-section (k) of the Eighth section. You are also to provide court documents accompanying as attachments with this form.

Ninth Section

The Ninth Section seeks your consent to disclose your personal information regarding

9a. Authorizing IRCC to initiate the issuance of Congratulatory Letter

It asks you whether you authorize IRCC to forward your details to the Federal Members of Parliament to send you a congratulatory letter for being a Canadian citizen.

9b. Authorizing Elections Canada to add your name to National Election Register

9c. Next is for Authorizing Chief Electoral Officer of Quebec to add your name to the Quebec Permanent List of Electors

9d. Authorizing CBSA – Canadian Border Services Agency to disclose your details of entries in Canada with the IRCC in determining your citizenship eligibility.

 9e. Authorizing Canada Revenue Agency – Fill in if you have mentioned your tax details in Section 6 of this application.

Please note that if you do not authorize your application will not be processed.

 9f. LINC(Language Instruction for Newcomers in Canada)  – This section is for newcomers migrating to Canada – You are asked to provide consent to IRCC to access your LINC results with regards to language proof in assessing your citizenship eligibility.

Tenth Section

Intention post citizenship grant – You need to tick the check box assessing your relevancy with the three stated conditions.

Eleventh Section

Appointing Representative

Check ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’ If yes, attach a copy of the form IMM 5476 (Representative)

Twelfth Section

The last section asks for your authentication – Your sign as the primary applicant mentioning your city and application date in YYYY-MM-DD.

Fees – Application for Canadian Citizenship

  •  Fee applicable $630 for Adults aged 18 years or older
  • Fee applicable $100 Minor under the age of 18 years

Whether online or a hard copy application, you submit acknowledgment receipts of payment made online.

If you have doubts comprehending how to get Canadian citizenship from India, contact Oasis Resource Management Delhi.

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