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Posted on September 6, 2022

Wondering how to get a job in Canada from India in 2023? Many young and skilled people look no further than Canada regarding immigration. Canada is one of the most favored and sought-after destinations for competent professionals, and for excellent reasons. If you are skilled and looking to carve a niche for yourself working abroad, Canada should be your only option.

Many foreign nationals, including Indians, look to Canada as a land of opportunity, hoping to secure a safe and comfortable life for themselves and their loved ones. While finding a job in the “Land of Maple Leaf can pose a challenge, you can overcome it without any hassle. As long as you trust the best immigration consultants, getting a Canadian job will be a piece of cake.

Sounds good? Let’s dive in.

If you are an Indian looking to work in Canada, this blog will help you with every step.
A job offer from an employer in Canada can extensively boost your chance of receiving an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for obtaining permanent residency. Under the Express Entry Program, applicants with job offers in Canada can easily claim CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) points. Aligned with Express Entry, a job offer is an eligibility criterion for countless PNPs (Provincial Nominee Programs).

More than a quarter of personnel is made up of immigrants in Canada. The country experiences significant labor force shortages; thus, the need for skilled and qualified workers is greater than ever.

What jobs are in demand in Canada?

Here’s a list of some of the most demanded jobs in Canada:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Developer
  • IT Project Manager
  • Engineer
  • Accountant
  • Key Account Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Registered Nurse
  • Mechanical Engineer

You may be in high demand if you have the necessary skills and relevant experience in any of the above.

What are the Documents You Need to Apply for a Job in Canada?

Migrating to Canada is a great step for aspirants looking for a bright career abroad. Securing a job with a Canadian organization is one of the first and foremost steps. The majority of the candidate is stuck on – how to get a job in Canada from India.

Listed below are the documents required before beginning your search for a Canadian job:

  • Professional Resume
  • A Cover Letter Supporting the Job Application
  • Employment Proof
  • Payslips of the Past Six Months
  • National Identity Proof
  • Valid Passport
  • Visa / Work Permit

Is it Simple to Get a Canadian Job?

A lot of Indians possess the relevant skills and exceptional talent needed by Canada for its economic development. Although a Canadian degree will help you land your dream job compared to a degree from India.

However, some Indian candidates can meet the parameters set by the government of Canada for immigration without any hassle. In some occupations or skilled trades, what you might need is a certificate. In the same way for specific roles, you might be asked to show your practical skill test results.

What are the Benefits of Working in Canada?

Canada is an incredible and popular destination to live and work in. Individuals seeking a career abroad must consider Canada due to the high quality of life and the work culture.

There are many reasons for making Canada a top-notch destination, including:

  • The Canadian economy is one of the largest making the nation one of the richest with an exceptionally high standard of living.
  • The unemployment rates are significantly lower compared to other countries.
  • Canada has been making considerable contributions to space science and technology, quantum computing, and medical sciences.
  • Canada takes immense pride in being among the most peaceful countries in the world.
  • Canada provides paid holidays, decent healthcare facilities, and paid leaves including maternal and paternal leave to employees.

How to Get a Job in Canada from India?

Here’s a checklist of what you need to do to get a Canadian job from India:

Prepare a Resume and Cover Letter

The resume and cover letter play a very crucial role. They make the first impression on the employer about your personality (as a professional and your candidature). These documents make you stand out from the crowd.

Thus, you need to pay more attention to preparing your resumes and cover letters. Although the process may be the same to find a new job; however, there may be a difference in resumes and cover letters in different nations. The documents are based on the employers, job market, and corporate trends in any specific country or city.

Therefore, you need to ensure that your resume matches the expectations of local employers as well as organizations.

Create an Account on Diverse Job Search Portals

Many people in India often inquire about “how to get a job in Canada from India”. You, as an Indian, must search for Canadian employment portals. Listed below are some of the most preferred portals, including:

Job Bank

Immigrants were previously required to register with job bank websites as part of the immigration process. Sooner or later IRCC removed it from the required category. Any candidate with a qualifying Express Entry profile can create an account. This website provides free information on various jobs as well as careers in Canada.

Service Canada

This website offers a wide range of valuable services and information about employment openings.

Immigration Consultants

Immigration consultants providing job assistance services assist you in acquiring a Canadian job.


Social media channels like LinkedIn have gained popularity amongst corporate professionals for hiring skilled people with exceptional talent. Thus, one must look for job opportunities in Canada on this platform.

Find Relevant Jobs on Portals

Posted your job opening on these sites? Now skim through the classified job sections for discovering which organizations are recruiting. If you are not able to locate employment that fits your work description best, you can attend local job fairs to improve your chances of meeting employers. After you have found and submitted suitable positions matching your skills and experience, wait for the organization to get in touch with you.

Crack the Interview

If the agency picks your resume, they will contact you. If the employer gets in touch with you, make sure you prepare yourself for the interview. Most employers nowadays prefer candidates for virtual interviews. Thus, there is a high possibility that the employer will ask you to appear for the interview through a video meeting.

Work Visa for Canada from India

Canada’s work permit enables Indian passport holders to live and work in Canada for a particular duration under some conditions. Candidates can choose to complete online or outside applications depending on their requirements and preferences. According to the specific program chosen by the applicants, they are required to submit the application form along with the necessary and appropriate documents.

What are the Ways to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job in Canada from India?

Different methods can help you increase your chances of landing a job in Canada. These methods include:


To begin with, it is comparatively simple for someone to find jobs given that they have a network of established relationships. Networking assists an applicant in expanding their search for a job and supporting their search for a Canadian job.

Search for a Mentor

There are several professionals and business people in Canada who are willing to help newcomers with free advice as well as coaching. You can find a professional who can mentor you through some of the organizations, such as the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC), Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO), immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS), Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council (ERIEC) and Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council (CRIEC).

Volunteer Work

Volunteering denotes that you carry out the given service keenly and without pay. You will be able to get job experience in Canada and demonstrate your eagerness to work hard by volunteering.

Canada Work Permit

If you have a work permit in Canada, it might boost your chances of getting a job in Canada from India. Employers express their interest in recruiting candidates who already have a Canada PR or work visa. These candidates are lawfully permitted to work in the country.

International Transfer by Company

You may be considered for a project if you work for an MNC with a Canadian presence. This is an unsafe option because it is based on your performance and your employers’ preferences. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones sent to the country with a job; you should get the most out of it by applying for a Canadian PR after a year or two of hard labor. This option is appropriate for those candidates who are already working for a top organization. Such applicants are most likely to stay with the same corporation if they choose to relocate to Canada.

Canada is a country that has been drawing immigrants’ attention from across the globe for several years now. No doubt, jobs are one of the most stunning aspects of Canada, especially for people from India migrating to the country in huge numbers for decades.

If you are willing to know about “How to get a job in Canada from India”, let the experienced immigration consultants at Oasis Resource Management assist you better. We have an expert team that will handle every query concerning landing a Canadian job in India.

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