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Oasis Resource Management Testimonials, Reviews and Feedbacks - 2017

Testimonials - Oasis Resource Management Reviews and Feedbacks 2017

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Katike Akbar Basha (Riyadh)  Dec 08, 2017

I had heard about Oasis Resource Management Pvt. Ltd providing good opportunities for the overseas jobs

Ramandeep Singh (NAGPUR)  Dec 05, 2017

It's good that we have good agencies who have the potential to help the candidate with better skills to migrate and get the best package as per individual skills

Rahul Jain (Amravati)  Nov 28, 2017

Thanks For The Call For Opportunity I am looking And It was good experience with Ankita Anand.

Rajendra Singh Tanwar (Ahmedabad)  Nov 27, 2017

Thanx for the call for such a great opportunity and it was nice to talking with Jyoti.

Tejas Gaikwad (PUNE)  Nov 01, 2017

Good portal for Job opportunities abroad. Good guidance over the phone by the representative.

Poran Jyoti Bora (Jorhat)  Nov 01, 2017

Excellent and very good behavior help us to success in future and bright carrier.

Gaurav Salwan (GURUGRAM)  Oct 31, 2017

Services Of Consultancy Is Excellent And Focused Towards Maintaining Reliability.

Sameep Verma (Ghaziabad)  Oct 30, 2017

Asha was very warm and welcoming and got to understand about the feedback.

PRUDVI RAJ Variganti (Hyderabad)  Sep 17, 2017

I heard from my colleague oasis helps in overseas career. Positive feedback I heard from others.

Why I want to go Abroad Make my career growth in international and earn some money and come back to India.


I had discussed everything with abhivyanjana and she did her best in guidance and I am so happy and satisfied with her services she provided.

View Reviews and Feedback(s) of 2016 and 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023