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EB-5 Visa

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With over 14 years of experience in immigration services, OASIS provides The Great American Green Card through the EB5 Investor's Visa. Every year, 25% of applicants are disqualified due to wrong formats and writing mistakes. OASIS makes sure that your forms are filled in properly and the applicants enjoy a hassle free immigration. The Great American Green Card is your direct way to permanent residency in the U.S and enables you; and your family; all citizenship benefits. Providing you the best of immigration advices and excellent services, OASIS ensures confidentiality of your documents and making that country, your home.

Your Path to a USA Green Card via the EB-5 Visa

For foreign investors seeking the freedom and flexibility to live and work in the United States, the EB-5 Visa Program provides an excellent opportunity to obtain Green Cards. A Green Card provides Permanent Residency for the applicant, his or her spouse and children under the age of 21. The EB5 investment visa, route to a green card avoids the usual requirements of having family connections, securing a job or running an actively traded business - making it a viable route to retirement.

The Immigrant Investor Pilot Program was created by Section 610 of Public Law 102-395 on October 6, 1992. This was in accordance to a Congressional mandate aimed at stimulating economic activity and job growth, while allowing eligible aliens the opportunity to become lawful permanent residents. This "Pilot Program" required only $500,000 of investment in exchange for permanent resident status. The investment could only be received by an economic unit defined as a Regional Center.

The qualified and experienced lawyers at OASIS provide full legal support to clients interested in obtaining an EB-5 visa. With more than six years of experience with the EB-5 program and as recognized authorities in the field, we help our clients meet all the legal requirements of the program.

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