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Assessment And Consultations for denmark, canada, hongkong, australia, newzealand


Let us do a brief assessment or detailed consultation of your immigration needs, to make sure you qualify.

We invite you to call us for a brief assessment of your background, circumstances, and qualifications, at no obligation to you. You can also book a low-cost detailed consultation to review your background in detail. This is done in our offices, or by phone or Skype if you are outside Delhi. Rest assured, all of our consultations and inquiries are in complete confidence, and you are under no obligation.

During this assessment, we will ask you for specific information to see if you qualify under the category that you have in mind, and we will also tell you if you are better qualified under another type of application that you may not be aware of. This assessment can usually be done in about an hour, and requires that you bring with you some documents such as your resume and other papers that relate to your questions. For our clients away from the office, we will direct you in an email on the information we require (usually a CV. resume and an assessment form from this website). If there are things that you can do to qualify in the future, we will briefly advise you what your options are within the free assessment time.

If we feel that you will not qualify to make a successful application, we will be honest and candid in our report to you, and you will not be left with false hopes or spend money needlessly.


We can also assist you in perfecting an application that you have started, and help you with problems on an application that you are having difficulty with that is already in process.

You may wish to retain ORM and his staff to answer detailed questions about the immigration process or discuss options in greater detail that relate to your particular circumstances. We can coach you on other Immigration and Citizenship matters: review forms, supporting documents and submissions you prepared and wish to submit yourself, coach you in preparation for skilled worker or family sponsorship interviews. We can also help repair or minimize problems (correcting errors and omissions, adding a family member, updating your applications in process to reflect changes in circumstances, responding to challenges from a visa officer, etc.) with required authorities on an application that is already in process.