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Who is Eligible to Apply to Canada

While each program to migrate to Canada has different criteria, there are a few things in common. Canadian immigration officials will typically assess migration applications based on:

  • Educational profile
  • Professional profile
  • Your IELTS score
  • French language skills if migrating to Quebec
  • References & legal documentation
  • Canadian employment documentation

This is not an exhaustive list and subject to change. Talk to a Oasis counsellor to assess your eligibility and increase your chances of migrating to Canada.

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Express Entry Programs
Federal Skilled Worker ProgramCanadian Experience ClassFederal Skilled Trades Program
Eligibility Criteria:
Language skills:CLB 7CLB 7 if your NOC is 0 or ACLB 5 for speaking and listening
(English or French skills)CLB 5 if your NOC is BCLB 4 for reading and writing
Work Experience:(Type/Level & Amount)Canadian Experience in NOCsCanadian Experience in NOCsCanadian Experience in skilled trade
One year continuous within the last 10 yearsOne year in Canada in the last 3 yearsTwo years within last 5 years
Job offer:Selection criteria (FSW) points for a job offer.Not ApplicableA full time job offer for at least 1 year
Education:Secondary education required.Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Extra points for your post-secondary education.
IRCC Time Lines:ECA Credential Assessment: Upon submission of documents to designated authorities 8 to 20 weeks.
Express Entry Profile: Express Entry Profile is valid for 1 year from the date of submission.
PR Application: Upon receiving ITA client must submit supporting documents within 60 days.
PR Visa: Upon submission of PR application the visa processing time is 6 months.
PR Visa: PR visa is valid for 5 years.


PhaseProcessDescriptionDesignated AuthorityTAT (Turn Around Time)Fees Applicable
Phase 1Step 1An Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) is used to verify your foreign education is valid and equal to a completed credential in Canada. It is valid for 5 years.WES6-8 WeeksCAD$ 305
IQAS20 WeeksCAD$ 275
ICAS20 WeeksCAD$ 285
ICES8 - 10 WeeksCAD$ 200 + CAD$ 75 for Courier
CES12 WeeksCAD$ 210 + CAD$ 102 for Courier
MCC(Doctors)15 WeeksCAD$ 285 Fee + CAD$ 165 SVR + CAD$ 106 ECA
PEBC(Pharmacists)15 WeeksCAD$ 325 Fee + CAD$ 650 Evaluation
Step 2English or French Language TestIELTS /CELPIP /TEFWithin 4 weeksINR 13,250 (Variable)
Phase 2Step 1EOI - Expression Of InterestIRCCYour Profile will be valid for 12 months.No Fee
Step 2PNP - Provincial Nomination ProgramProvincial AuthoritiesVaries based on Provinces.Varies based on Provinces.
Phase 3Step 1Invitation To Apply - ITAMain Applicant + Spouse + Children60 DaysVisa Per Head - CAD$ 550
RPRF Per Head - CAD$ 490
Bio Metrics - CAD$ 85
Medical Fee - As applicable
Step 2Passport Submission and PR VisaMain Applicant + Spouse + ChildrenUp to 30 daysVFS fee as applicable


OccupationAverage Salary in CAD
Sales Representative$52,000 to $64,000
Accountant$63,000 to $75,000
Engineering Project Manager$74,000 to $92,000
Business Analyst$73,000 to $87,000
IT Project Manager$92,000 to $114,000
Account Manager$75,000 to $92,000
Software Engineer$83,000 to $99,000
Human Resources$59,000 to $71,000
Customer Service Representative$37,000 to $43,000
Administrative Assistant$37,000 to $46,000
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