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Business and tourist trips

Usually, foreigners must have a visa in order to enter the U.S. The only exception is the Visa Waiver Program for nationals of certain countries.

Persons who cannot enter the U.S. without a visa due to nationality or purpose or duration of the stay have to apply for a visa.

As a business traveler (B-1 Business Visitor) or tourist (B-2 Tourist Visa), it allows you to stay in the country for up to 180 days at a time or to enter the country multiple times during a year. Usually those visas are valid for ten years, but can also be limited to a shorter period of time. This means that visa holders can, for example, spend 180 days in the U.S. over the course of the next ten years. Please note, however, that, even with this type of visa, entering the country frequently can lead to questions and/or problems at the border. This will especially be the case if the border officials suspect that your center of vital interest is shifting to the U.S. or that you are planning to immigrate into the U.S.

The B-1 Visitor Visa

If you are coming to the United States to do any kind of business-related activities, you are going to want to apply for the B-1 Visitor visa.

Some of the most common “business-related” activities include:

  • Negotiating or signing contracts.
  • Purchasing business supplies.
  • Attending a business meeting, exhibit, or convention.
  • Settling an estate.
  • Taking an exam held in the U.S.
  • Performing professional services.
  • Competing in a non-professional sporting event.
  • Conducting independent research.

The B-2 Visitor Visa

If you are coming to the United States for personal activities, you are going to want to apply for the B-2 Visitor visa.

This could include coming to the United States to:

  • Visit family or friends.
  • Go to a wedding, reunion, or ceremony.
  • Get medical treatment.
  • Visit tourist attractions.
  • Take a short recreational class (like a two-day cooking class).

Now that you know what visa to get for your trip, all you have left to do is apply.

Above all, we hope you have a great trip!

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