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Honest Initial Assessment

Before we proceed with your application our immigration experts evaluate and assess your qualifications. We explain the process and programs to you and provide a frank and honest appraisal.

Best Program Selection

After a complete review of your background, OASIS selects the best program for each applicant, creating the opportunity for a reduced processing time and a waiver of the interview process.

Expert Documentation Preparation and Application Submission

Our team of experts assist you in the preparation, documentation, submission and follow-up your application. This includes helping you gather proper documents to qualify you under the selection criteria applicable to your category; helping you in completing your application; and ensuring you that your reference letters are acceptable.

Unwavering Commitment

One of the outstanding features of OASIS is our commitment to communication. Throughout the process, we keep you updated on your application status and follow your cases progress by keeping in constant touch with Canadian Immigration authorities. You will have your own secure online access to your own file status and documentation which offers up to the minute status of your specific application.

Practical advice

If you take a language test before you immigrate, you may save money and avoid a time consuming interview. One of the primary language proficiency systems accepted by Canadian authorities and employers is the IELTS system.

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