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Why the UK?

Base your business in the UK and join one of the world's major trading nations. You'll be in the right place for long-term growth. Now equal fifth largest economy in the world, we are predicted to overtake Germany to become the largest Western European economy around 2030.

Market opportunity

Over 64 million people live in the UK - a major market in its own right. But it is also the gateway to Europe, the world's largest single market with more than 500 million consumers. You don't pay any duties when importing/exporting within the EU, and you benefit from free or preferential trade arrangements with many non-EU countries.

The UK is the number 1 Destination for FDI in Europe

Companies choose to expand or move their businesses to the UK because it's an ideal location. More companies locate their European headquarters in the UK then anywhere else in Europe.

The UK has:

  • People with the talent and right skills
  • A simple and competitive tax rate system
  • A transparent regulatory system making it easier to do business

You can bring as your dependants, children under the age of 18 and your spouse/unmarried/civil partner.

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