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The Manitoba Investor Program presents two pathways for aspiring applicants to immigrate to Canada – The Entrepreneur Pathway and the Farm Investor Pathway.

Manitoba – bordered by Ontario to the east and Saskatchewan to the east – is regarded as one of the booming and strongest economies in Canada. It takes immense pride in being home to rewarding investment opportunities.

About Manitoba Investor Program

Manitoba’s Investor Program or Business Investor Stream (BIS) is designed to hire and nominate experienced and qualified global business investors and entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business or establish a farm in the Canadian province.

Two Pathways under Business Investor Stream:

The Entrepreneur Pathway

The renewed Entrepreneur Pathway has replaced the former MPNP-B stream. It lets the province hire and nominate qualified business people who have the purpose and ability to move to Manitoba to establish, acquire a business, or become partners in an existing business within the first 2 years of arriving in Canada on a temporary work permit. These applicants do not need to submit a deposit of $100,000 to the Government of Manitoba.

The Farm Investor Pathway

The renewed Farm Investor Pathway (FIP) has replaced the former Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative. This pathway is for individuals with proven experience in the farm business. They should have sufficient available capital to invest and those who intend to establish and operate a farm operation in rural Manitoba.

The farm operation should be relevant to the current farming industry in Manitoba. it should produce primary products which are compatible with Manitoba’s current output.

Eligibility Criteria for Entrepreneur Pathway

  • Minimum of three years of work experience (full-time) in the past 5 years. It could be either as an active business owner or working in a senior management role of a successful business
  • Minimum high school certificate equivalent in Canada
  • The minimum amount to be invested is $250,000 for businesses situated in the Manitoba Capital Region or $150,000 if a business is situated outside of the Manitoba Capital Region
  • Obtaining the least possible score in Manitoba Point Grid
  • The applicant is required to score a minimum of CLB 5 for proving their language ability
  • Business owners will be given more points compared to senior managers
  • The applicant’s age falls between 25 to 49
  • The applicant needs to conduct detailed research about Manitoba and the business feasibility to be carried out
  • The applicant is not authorized to conduct the research for more than 12 months prior to the EOI (Expression of Interest) for investing in the province.
  • When it comes to educational qualification, the applicant is required to hold no less than a post-secondary level degree, which is equivalent to the educational system in Canada.

Eligibility Criteria for Farm Investor Pathway (FIP)

  • You are required to invest at least $300,000 to establish a farming business in rural Manitoba
  • Must have proficiency in English or French as it is found to be compulsory for the applicant who opts out FIP program which makes them get established in Manitoba’s rural areas. Also, the applicant will have an interview to get through the English or French process
  • If you are invited to attend a FIP interview, you will be required to conduct the interview in English or French
  • Minimum of three years of farm ownership and operation experience, which is supported by supportable documents
  • The applicant who got selected ought to live nearby the farmland and participate in the complete yielding process.
  • The applicant needs to have a minimum net worth of $500,000 for investing in the farmland business in Manitoba.
  • A comprehensive farm business strategy is a compulsory part of the application
  • The farm business in which the applicant is about to make an investment must be active in performing the entire farm business in a proper way

How to Apply for the Manitoba Investor Program

The following are the steps you need to consider when applying for the Manitoba Investor Program:

  • To begin with, complete a self-assessment form
  • Explore the Manitoba province and research your Business Concept
  • Make sure you submit your self-assessment and Business Concept forms
  • You need to submit your completed application as well
  • Your application will be evaluated
  • Apply for a work permit

Who is not allowed to Apply for the Manitoba Investor Program?

Here is a list of individuals who are not eligible to submit an application to the Manitoba Investor Program:

  • People claiming to be refugees or those who are involved in a federal appeal or removal process cannot produce an application under Manitoba PNP
  • Canadian citizens or permanent residents’ spouses
  • Overseas workers who are living and working on a temporary basis in other Canadian provinces cannot apply for Manitoba PNP
  • Applicants who have produced an application with other Canadian provincial immigration programs are not allowed to apply under Manitoba PNP

Formerly known as the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business (MPNP-B), the BIS includes the below-mentioned business immigration pathways, including the Entrepreneur Pathway and the Farm Investor Pathway.

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