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If you are planning a visit to Spain to take part in business activities, you must get a Spain Business Visa.

Located on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, Spain is a stunning destination and business centre that catches the fancy of millions of people every year. No matter whether your area of interest lies in natural landscapes, ancient history, or a gourmet experience, Spain has something for everyone. Spain is a part of the Schengen Agreement, which allows you to move freely within the designated Schengen Area (26 countries) without a visa.

Spain will leave you awestruck every time you visit there. Experience its vibrant festivals, animated coastline, delectable food, architectural brilliance, and diverse landscapes. Other than being a popular tourist destination in Schengen nation, Spain has great business exposure. If you are planning a trip to this wonderful European nation for business purposes, Spain Business Visa is what you must apply for.

About Spain Business Visa

A Spain Business Visa is a short-term visa granted to applicants on business grounds. Thus, it is mandatory for applicants to provide acceptable documents so they can justify their purpose of visit. Individuals visit the country for small business investment opportunities in the provision of property management, public relations, office sharing, restaurants and bars, the renewable energy industry, and numerous business spheres.

Applicants wanting a Business Visa for Spain need to go through all the visa specifications and then, apply for it accordingly. This visa allows you to attend meetings and conferences, conduct and attend training and internal audits, and other similar unpaid activities in Spain.

With Spain Business Visa, you are not authorized to carry out any paid work in the country. Any business activity should be unpaid. It is crucial to note that the business visa is only required by those nations, which are listed as needed only by the Government of Spain.

Documents Required for Spain Business Visa

Here is a list of documents that you must submit to get a Spain Business Visa:

  • A valid passport copy with 6-month validity. Make sure your travel document must have two blank pages for markings.
  • 2 recent photos must be submitted. Make sure that the photo is taken with a white background.
  • Must submit an itinerary copy.
  • Must submit details of hotel room booking reservation.
  • An employment letter is to be submitted from the applicant’s employer in the UK. Ensure that this letter should be addressed to the High Commission of Spain. Also, it should mention that you (as a traveler) will return to work after completing your trip to the country.
  • You are required to submit your bank statements.
  • The evidence of travel insurance valid throughout the Schengen area will be submitted.
  • The visa application form must be filled out without any errors.

Note: The validity of a Spain business visa is 3 months. The maximum number of days that you can live in Spain upon single entry is 90 days.

Maybe you need an additional documentation list, which is not included in the list. That is because rules and regulations keep changing all the time. It would be good if you check with your consulate in your home country before making an appointment. Take plenty of time for making your application, as it can take a week or two to find out if your application has been successfully processed and your business visa has been issued.

How to Apply for Spain Business Visa?

If you wish to travel to Spain for business purposes and you need a visa to do so, you are required to follow the entire procedure to obtain one. Note that it is vital for you to follow each step for the Spain Business Visa application in the right order and also, according to the criteria set by the authorities in the European country.

Below mentioned are the steps you need to consider when applying for a Spain Business Visa:

  • Check where you need to submit your application for the visa
  • Understand when is the right time to apply for a Spain Business Visa
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Now complete the Spain Business Visa Application Form
  • Collect all the required documents
  • Attend the interview for a Spain Business Visa
  • Complete the payment for the visa fee

Eligibility Criteria for Getting Spain Business Visa

To be eligible to travel to Spain on a business visa, you are required to meet the below-mentioned eligibility criteria:

Be a Genuine Traveler

You are required to have valid and good intentions behind traveling to Spain

Eligible to Bear All Expenses

Make sure you have enough funds to support yourself and your dependents (if any) throughout your stay.

Be of Sound, Moral Character

You ought to have a clean criminal track record and be of sound, moral character. Also, you will have to provide a police clearance certificate for the same.

Be in Great Health

You must meet no less than the minimum health requirements as the authorities require.

Reasons to Return

You should have strong ties with your home country that will ensure that you will return after your stay in Spain on a business visa.

What is the Recommended Time to Apply for Spain Business Visa?

The recommended time to apply for Spain Business Visa is no less than 3 weeks before you travel to Spain on a business tour. While the earliest is 6 months, the latest that you can apply is no less than 15 days before your trip to the country.

That is because there are some forms of travel purposes can take a long time to process. Considering this, it is wise to apply for a Spain Business Visa at least 20 working days before the date you are looking to depart.

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