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If you want to know more about Portugal Golden Investor Visa from India, get in touch with a trusted immigration consultant. Portugal boasts an outstanding reputation and is regarded as one of the most peaceful and globalized countries in the world. Offering a high quality of life and an extremely high Human Development Index ranking, Portugal takes immense pride in being among the oldest European nations with a rich history, excellent cuisine, awesome beaches, and tranquil countryside.

Portugal Golden Investor Visa from India

What is a Portugal Golden Investor Visa from India?

A Portugal Golden Investor Visa from India, which is also known as the Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program, is a five-year residence program for non-European nationals. As a full member of the EU, this residence permit allows access to Schengen Area in Europe without a visa. However, it requires an average stay of only 7 days a year in such an incredible nation over a five-year period.

Let Us Know More about Portugal Golden Visa Residence Program

The Portugal Golden Visa is a residence visa, which is issued to non-EU nationals who have made a considerable investment in the country. This includes making a capital investment, real estate, or creating opportunities for employment.
This program is a fast-track process for gaining permanent residency as well as citizenship in a European country. Via the Portugal Golden Visa, you can become eligible for citizenship of Portugal in as little as five years.

Investment Options for a Portugal Golden Investor Visa from India

To be eligible for a golden investor in Portugal, you are required to make one of the investments mentioned below:

  • Buy a property worth no less than €500,000. Keep in mind that the investment amount will be €400,000 if you purchase in a low-density area.
  • Make a capital transfer of no less than €1 million in a bank account in Portugal.
  • Invest €350,000 in a property in an urban regeneration area. If you choose to invest in a low-density area, the amount to be invested is €280,000. The project must qualify for investment by the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service – SEF.
  • Buy company shares worth no less than €1 million.
  • Invest no less than €1 million in a firm.
  • Invest no less than €350,000 in a qualifying Investment Fund. Portuguese CMVM (Securities Market Commission) regulates investment options and usually incorporates venture capital investment in real estate or start-up tech organizations.
  • Invest no less than €350,000 when it comes to creating a commercial company or strengthening the commercial company’s share capital. Through this, you are required to create at least 5 full-time jobs.
    Create no less than 10 jobs for the citizens of Portugal.
  • Make a capital transfer of no less than €250,000 for supporting the arts or reconstruction of national heritage.
  • Make a capital transfer of no less than €350,000 to research activities in science or technology by public or private scientific research institutions.

Eligibility to Apply for a Portugal Golden Investor Visa from India

To be eligible for a Portugal Golden Investor Visa from India, make sure you fulfill the following requirements:

  • You should be more than 18 years old
  • You should own the money you are seeking to invest
  • You should not have a history of criminal records
  • You should make a considerable investment, which proves beneficial to the country’s economy
  • You should commit to maintaining the investment for no less than another 5 years

Documents for Portugal Golden Investor Visa from India Application

Ensure that you have the following documents when submitting the Portugal Golden Visa application:

  • The official Application Form for the Portugal Visa. You can download it from the Portuguese visa portal.
  • A valid passport
  • Two passport-size photos
  • Proof of no criminal records
  • Payment receipt from the ARI portal
  • A sworn statement that you will maintain your investment for a minimum period of 5 years

Benefits of the Portugal Golden Investor Visa from India

The following are the benefits of a Portugal Golden Investor Visa from India:

Ability to Live and Work in an EU Country

One of the most significant benefits of a Portuguese Golden Visa is it grants you residence in Portugal – a member of the European Union. It signifies that you can eventually get a Portuguese passport and get the most out of the benefits of being an EU national.

Lowest Costs of Living

Portugal offers some of the lowest living costs in Western Europe, without having to sacrifice the quality of life. Almost everything is reasonably priced: right from food to education and healthcare, social, and leisure activities. You can reside happily in the country with around USD $1,400 per month.

Visa-Free Travel to Europe

With a Portugal Golden Visa, you automatically get the right to travel anywhere in the European Union without a visa. In addition, numerous non-Schengen nations will enable you to enter without a visa as long as your visa or residency permit is available. Once you get a Portuguese passport, you can travel to more than 100 nations in the world, with no visa.

Access to Quality Healthcare and Education

You and your family members, as Portuguese residents or citizens, will have access to national services, including healthcare and education.

Portuguese Passport in as Little as Five Years

You can easily obtain a Portuguese passport only five years after your investment. Five years is a comparatively short period of time for obtaining EU citizenship, albeit it is not instant. Having a Portuguese passport will grant you the right to live, work, and invest anywhere in the European Union.

Family Members Who Can Apply for a Portugal Golden Investor Visa from India

Here is a list of family members you can include in your application for a Portugal Golden Investor Visa from India:

  • Your partner or spouse
  • Children who are less than 18 years of age
  • Children who are more than 18 years of age and financially dependent on you. Adult children are required to be enrolled in full-time education and unmarried to qualify as dependents
  • Siblings who are under the age of 18 of either yourself or your spouse/partner. For siblings to qualify as dependents, you or your partner are required to have their legal custody.
  • Dependent members (over 55 years of age) of either you or your spouse/partner. You are required to provide documents that prove their dependency unless they are over 65 years of age.

How to Apply for a Portugal Golden Investor Visa from India?

The following are the steps to obtain a Portugal Golden Visa:

  • Visit Portugal and pick your investment
  • Set up a bank account and tax number in the country
  • Make sure you complete your investment
  • Now apply for the Portugal Golden Investor Visa from India
  • Receive your residence permit
  • Now you can apply for Portuguese permanent residence/citizenship
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