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Lithuania Business Investment Migration Visa

Oasis Immigration provides unsurpassed migration service as professional consultant specialists in the Republic of Lithuania and other European Union member states. We provide support related to establishing enterprises in the Republic of Lithuania and other European Union member states, acquiring both a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) and a Permanent Resident Permit (PRP) in the Republic of Lithuania, to include trade businesses and enterprises to prosperous clients worldwide.

Our Goal

We always aim at customer satisfaction through our elite and well-organized services. We focus on your specific needs at the fastest way possible guaranteeing you worry-free transactions and completion of all legal requirements in a very customer-focused and reliable manner.

Step-By-Step Process For A Residence Permit

  • You should send to us a copy of your Passport, home address (not a post office box), telephone number, and email;
  • After payment is made, we will start the process for preparing the required documents and you will receive those completed documents by email;
  • You will need to print out two copies of all the documents and submit the originals and copies to us by courier;
  • We will take the originals to the appropriate State institutions;
  • When our work is completed, we will send you the approved documents by email and your originals will be returned to you by courier.
  • After you receive the documents, you can apply to the nearest country's embassy for the TRP. We recommend that you come to Lithuania to carry out all necessary procedures;
  • The Migration Department will review your submitted documents within two to four months;
  • After the Migration Department's approval, you will need to come to Lithuania to get your TRP.
Benefits Of Getting Your Residence Permit On The Basis Of Doing Business

  • Your first Temporary Residence card will be issued for one year; subsequently, it will be renewed for two years;
  • Applicant does not need to be self-employed in the company and pay taxes for him/herself anymore; and
  • To maintain the TRP card, it is beneficial to own not less than one-third shares in the company where three Lithuanian citizens are employed and the share capital is not less than 14,000 Euros for each investor-nothing more is required.


Where Can I Apply For A Residence Permit?

You can submit documents to the nearest Lithuanian Embassy abroad or during your visit to Lithuania directly to the Migration Department. You cannot submit documents for a Residence Permit to the representative embassy that works on behalf of Lithuania. In representative embassies, you can apply only for a Short-term Visiting Visa.

Do I Need To Make Any Appointment For Document Submission?

Yes, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance with the Lithuanian Embassy; however, the Lithuanian Migration Department does not require an appointment.

Can I Submit Documents For Residence Permit By Post Courier?

No. Personal appearance is mandatory.

Will There Be Any Interview?

Yes. There might be an interview during document submission about your business plans and intentions in Lithuania. Before submitting your documents, we provide a questionnaire to the applicant.

How Will I Be Informed About The Decision?

It is possible to check your case status with the Migration Department by phone. We track each of our client's progress and upon approval, we will inform our clients.

How Long Does It Take To Obtain A TRP?

There are two ways of applying for TRP:

  1. In Embassy of Lithuania outside of Lithuania. If you apply for TRP in embassy, your application will be reviewed for four months. After you receive a positive decision on granting TRP, you will have two months to arrive to Lithuanian Migration Department to receive an actual TRP document.
  2. In Lithuanian Migration Department:
    1. Standard duration option. If you come to Lithuania and apply for TRP in Migration Department, it will also take four months for the DEpartment to review your application. After you receive a positive decision on granting TRP, you will have two months to arrive to Lithuanian Migration Department to receive an actual TRP document.
    2. Shorter duration option. This is an option if you would like to obtain your TRP faster. For an extra fee Migration Department will review your application within two months. After you receive a positive decision on granting TRP, you will have two months to arrive to Lithuanian Migration Department to receive an actual TRP document.
Will I Get A Refund If Migration Department Issues A Negative Decision?

You will get a full refund only in one case: If it is our fault (for example incorrect or false documents). In all other instances, we do not issue refunds. If you have chosen an investment basis, and there should be negative decisions, your investment amount will be returned in full.

How My Temporary Residence Permit Be Renewed?

When your renewal time occurs, your current TRP will need to have documents submitted stating that your TRP basis has not changed.

Can I Bring My Family On Dependant Visa?

You are allowed to bring your family on a Dependent Visa after two years of having your Residence Permit. Otherwise, you must include your adult family members as shareholders in the company and children under 18 years of age will be provided a Dependent Visa.

When Can I Apply For Permanent Residence?

After five years of having a Temporary Residence Permit you have the right to apply for a Permanent Residence Permit that is issued for five years. You will additionally be required to pass the Lithuanian language and Constitution examinations.

When Can I Get Lithuanian Citizenship?

After 10 years of having your Residence Permit Lithuania.

Can I Travel Within Europe Without Visa Once I Have TRP?

A person with TRP in Lithuania is free to travel without visa to all European countries within Schengen Area. UK, for example, is not in the Schengen Are, therefore in order to go to UK, it will be required to obtain a visa which is an easy procedure.

Can I Do Business In European Countries Other That One I Have A TRP In?

A person with TRP in Lithuania can establish or buy a company in other EU countries and do business there. If a person decides to do business in EU countries, which are not in Schengen Area, he / she will have to obtain a traveler's or business visa to the particular country.

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