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How to apply for Express Entry Canada from India

There is an increment of 2.3% in the percentage of applicants applying for Express Entry from India to Canada in the last 15 years. Despite the pandemic situation for the last 2 years, 18 months of pause, and resumption of draws, the amount of people applying for immigration through Express Entry is just seeing the rise with the passing of time. It can be judged by the fact that alone in this year 2022, there were 23 draws in total and 46,538 ITAs were issued to the Express Entry candidates. After a long wait, when draws were resumed on July 6, 2022, a total of 1500 candidates were invited in just July. From there, the number just went up and up each passing month leading to the highest number of ITAs in the year end when 4750 candidates were invited in each draw. Canada is in need of skillful individuals who are suitable for territorial and provincial labour market needs and nobody wants to miss the opportunity of migrating for an extreme upgrade in lifestyle.

There are 3 immigration programs managed through Express Entry:

Canadian Experience Class

For skilled workers who have at least 3 years of work experience in Canada.

Federal Skilled Worker Program

For skilled workers with foreign work experience, it also includes criteria of education and other factors.

Federal Skilled Trades Program

For skilled workers who are qualified in a skilled trade, must have a valid job offer or a certificate of qualification.

If you are eligible for one of the above programs, you can also apply through Express Entry for the Provincial Nominee Program. If you're nominated, you'll get extra points so you can be invited to apply quickly.

Here are the steps through which you can apply for Express Entry to Canada:

  1. Find out whether you are eligible or not:- There are two ways to find out, answer a few questions to see if you meet the minimum requirements or read the detailed requirements for each program.
  2. Make a profile:- If you meet all the requirements and are found eligible for Express Entry then you need to make a profile and submit it.
  3. Check your CRS score: You will be ranked in the Express Entry pool using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) which is a system that is used to assess and score your profile and rank it in the Express Entry pool. You need to have a score above the minimum points score for your round of invitations, you can use the CRS tool to estimate your score.
  4. The CRS score assesses various aspects like:-

    1. Age - People from 18-35 years of age get maximum points, and older applicants generally get lesser points which makes it an important criteria.
    2. Work Experience - You'll get points on the basis of how much work experience you have, chances are higher if you have worked while studying.
    3. Education - You will get points on the basis of your qualifications overseas or in a university based in Canada. People holding PhD or Master's degree get higher points in general.
    4. Language Ability - You will get points on the basis of how much mastery you have over French or English.
    5. Adaptability - You'll get points on the basis of how much you can adapt to the foreign environment. You can achieve a good score if you have a blood relative in Canada.

    Permanent Job- You'll score points if you have a valid job offer from a company in Canada.

  5. Get your documents ready:- If you get ITA (invitation To Apply) from Canada, you might need a passport/travel document, language test results, proof of Canadian education or educational credential assessment report for immigration purposes, proof funds, provincial nomination (if you have one), written job offer from an employer in Canada (if you have one), proof of work experience and certification of qualification in a trade occupation issued by Canadian province or territory (if you have one). If you are applying for permanent residence, you will also need to upload police certificates and medical exams along with previous documents. Birth certificate, use of a representative form, common law union form, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate and adoption certificate are to be uploaded if required, depending on your status.
  6. Apply after getting invitation:- Invitations are sent to the candidates with the highest score in the pool, you will have 60 days to submit your application after getting an ITA.

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