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Critical Skills for Ireland - WORK PERMIT FOR IRELAND

Critical Skills for Ireland - WORK PERMIT FOR IRELAND

Work permits for Ireland are issued by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation and can be applied for by the employer or the employee, based on an offer of employment.

An Irish employment permit is valid for two years with options for renewal, and either the employer or employee will need to pay processing fees.

Work permits are only available for positions that pay at least 30,000 EUR a year, and the candidate must have the relevant qualifications, skills and experience for the job.

Critical skills permit

Formerly known as the Green Card, the Critical Skills Employment Permit is aimed at attracting skilled expats to Ireland.

To qualify for the permit, the candidate’s proposed salary would need to be more than 60,000 EUR a year or they have to be suitable for a position listed in the Highly Skilled Occupations List. The list highlights local skills and personnel shortages in fields such as IT, healthcare, construction and finance. In this case, the employee’s annual salary would have to be at least 30,000 EUR.

The critical skills permit is valid for two years and does not need to be renewed; expats may be granted a stamp for permission to stay for another two years when the permit expires, provided they still working in the same occupation, for the same employer and for at least the same salary stated on the permit.

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