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Benefits of Immigration to Australia

When it comes to imigrating to Australia, one thing is for sure there is always a change on the horizon.

Changes were announced in the month of March across a number of visas and skilled migration lists.

Some of these changes were great. That is because a large number of occupations were added to the Medium to Long Term Skilled Strategic List and other announcements as well. These include the reduction in overall places for migration that were not so great.

In the same way, there was the introduction of new regional-based visas as well.

Let us break down some of the migration changes, shall we?

36 new occupations were added to the Medium to Long Term Skilled Occupation (MLTSSL)

This was a great piece of news as several of these occupations were not available on the MLTSSL or the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL).

As a matter of fact, most of these occupations are in the area of science and provide a lot more hope for Ph.D. students in the science area to profit from state sponsorship places for migration.

Also, it signifies having a better variety of occupations that not many places will be allotted for each occupation and getting additional points or even better, state sponsorship will play a very crucial role.

Benefits of Immigration to Australia

Highly skilled and qualified workers, entrepreneurs, students, and the ones seeking pleasure are greeted with loads of benefits from Australian immigration. Australia provides freedom, endless opportunities, and a lot more to those individuals who are planning to settle in the country permanently.

High Living Standards

Australia – one of the most booming economies – offers high living standards. The lifestyle of people is living proof of the economic growth of the country. Everything is of the best quality in Australia: health facilities, educational facilities, and public transport. Australia, as certified by the World Health Organization (WHO), has a low crime rate. Also, it provides a secure environment for its occupants.

The Food

The food is amazing in Australia, with numerous fast food chains, Michelin-star restaurants cafes, and restaurants of every kind. Because of the large migrant population across Australia, you can benefit from diverse food options – right from authentic Italian to Vietnamese and Chinese food.

Flexible, Easy-to-follow Immigration Laws

Australia offers unhindered work rights to the skilled sponsored workers’ dependants with permanent and temporary entry visas. No restriction is imposed on the number of visas that are offered to professionals. Australia boasts of its highly flexible and updated temporary entry arrangements, with regard to most other destinations.

Good Accommodation Facilities

Australia has always welcomed immigrants with arms wide open. The people in Australia are extremely friendly. Also, individuals from different nations and different cultures reside in Australia with harmony and peace. The country takes pride in its rich history of art and culture. Australian art festivals and cultural carnivals are simply fantastic.

Freedom to Work

One of the greatest advantages of Australian immigration is the work permit aspect. Permanent residents in the country are likely to work for any employer, be it any profession. But it is strictly limited for the citizens of Australia to serve in the Public Service and Armed Forces. However, this does not differentiate between permanent residents and citizens. Permanent residents, under these rules, enjoy the same privileges as the country’s citizens.

Good Surroundings for Children

Australia has demonstrated to be the second-best place when it comes to raising children. It provides stunning and secure surroundings for children to live as well as grow. One of the most crucial benefits of immigration to Australia is that individuals who migrate can ensure that their children are well-behaved owing to the environment that Australia provides.

Pathway to Citizenship

All permanent residents can ultimately qualify to become a citizen of Australia. A great advantage for migrants moving to Australia is the fact that this country recognizes dual citizenship. Children born to Australian permanent residents can apply for citizenship even if their parents do not yet qualify.

Benefits of Immigration to Australia

New regional visas, which have been announced, will be introduced in November

These new visas, the 491 (Skilled Work Regional) will be used as an alternative for the 489 Skilled – Regional (Provisional) and will have 14,000 places allotted.

In the same way, the 494 Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visas will take the place of the 187 – Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme subclass. This visa will have 9,000 places allotted.

The goal of the 2 new regional visas is to enhance the number of migrants moving to regional areas of Australia. Also, it extends the amount of time individuals need to work to obtain permanent residency (PR).

It is expected under the new visas, that the pathway to residency will incorporate working in the region for 3 years, earning a specific amount of money per year. Then be able to the pathway to PR through a new visa to be introduced in November 2022 – the 191 Permanent Residency (Skilled Regional) Visa.

While the changes may possibly seem a bit confusing, the biggest change that we can see is a huge decline in the skilled independent visas with a lot more focus, which is placed on regional areas as well as power assigned to states for sponsoring the occupations they need.

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