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Australian Immigration Points Calculator, Points Calculator Australia

My Points Calculator

Calculate your points to determine if you score the minimum pass mark for each of the visas listed below:

Skilled Visa

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Business Innovation

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Business Investor

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Skilled Visa - Pass mark 60 points



  IELTS 8 on each of 4 components Superior English

  IELTS 7 on each of 4 components Proficient English

Overseas Employment

(Employment outside Australia within the last 10 years in nominated occupation before receiving invite for EOI)

Australian Employment

(Employment in Skilled occupation in Australia within the last 10 years before receiving invite for EOI)

Professional Year

  Completed a professional year in Australia in nominated skilled occupation for at least 12 months within the last 4 years before receiving invite for EOI

Educational Qualifications

  Doctorate Award by Australian RTO or overseas recognised RTO)

  Bachelor degree from Australian RTO or Bachelor qualification from recognised RTO overseas

  Diploma from Australian RTO

  Trade certificate from Australian RTO

  Skills assessment for overseas qualification

Australia Study

  Completed a Degree, Diploma, or trade qualification from Australian registered RTO completed in 16 calendar months; totalling minimum 2 years academic study; instructed in English on a valid study visa

Credentialled Community Language

  NAATI accreditation for interpreting a foreign language

Studying and living in Regional Australia

  If you have studied in a Regional area for at least 2 academic years

Partner skills

  If your partner is included in your application and has the following:

  • Meets Age criteria
  • Has evidence of English ability
  • Has positive skills assessment at the time of invitation of EOI

SC190 Skilled Nominated visa

(State/Territory government nomination)

  If you have applied for SC 190 skilled nominated visa and you have been nominated by a state or territory government for the visa application and the minister has accepted the nomination

SC489 Designated Area Sponsorship

Designated Area sponsorship

  If you have applied for SC 489 (provisional visa and being sponsored by and eligible relative living in a designated area