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New south wales (NSW) is located on the east coast of Australia. It borders to Queensland on north and victoria to south. Estimated population of NSW is around 8 million making NSW the most populous state. Capital city of NSW is Sydney with estimated population.

VICTORIA (Melbourne)

Victoria is located towards southeast of Australia. It borders to NSW on north and South Australia in the west. Victoria is Australia's second-most populous state with second Largest city of also capital of victoria being Melbourne.


Western Australia Located towards the west of Australia occupying the entire western thrird of Australia. It is bordered with Northern territory to the north-east and South Australia the south-east. Western Australia is Australia's largest state in land area. Perth.


South Australia, Adelaide is a vibrant and attractive city with a unique selection of budget and exclusive accommodation with many things to do for the visitor such as attractions and tours. Adelaide has always been a tourist destination in Australia due to its unique characteristics and gateway to outstanding natural scenery.


Queensland located towards north east of Australia. it is bordered by the Northern territory, South Australia and new south wales to the west, south-west and south respectively. Queensland is Australia's second largest state in.


NT Is the central and northern part of Australia. It shares border with western Australia, south Australia and Queensland. N.T has a population of 233,300 making it the least populous state of Australia's with more than half of the population living in the capital city Darwin.


Tasmania Australia Is an Island state located 25 km towards to the south of the Australian mainland. Tasmania has a population of about 500,000 with more than half of the population living in the capital city of Hobart.

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