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There are three building blocks to an international resume: First, you have to build a resume that shows your personality and is organized to match the employer's "ideal profile." Second, you need to emphasize your cross-cultural skills, especially in terms of the cross-cultural work environment. And last, there are a host of smaller details—other differences that are unique to international resumes. If you are looking for a job abroad and also want someone to look after your immigration process, there can be no one better than Oasis to help you in this regard.

Show Your Professional Personality

International resumes should highlight your skills and group information so that you do the analytical work for the recruiter. In this way nothing is left to chance. Employers will see you the way you want them to. Here are a few specific strategies that we will put personality into your resume.

  • Career Objective
  • Personal and Professional Traits
  • Skills Summary
  • Education
  • Professional Work Experience
  • Job Descriptions
  • Order Within Sections
  • Group International Experience Together
  • Length of Resume

We are known for our practical career advice and encyclopaedic compilation of resources on all aspects of international careers. Contact our consultants today!

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