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Student Visa in Canada

CANADA STUDENT VISA also known as Canada Study Permit or Canada Study Visa is for students who have a confirmed offer letter from a Canadian Education Institution & who wish to study in Canada.

Canada has become one among the best study destinations for foreign nationals because of its high-quality education system, low tuition fees and great employment opportunities. In addition to 130,000 foreign nationals reaching Canada every year to pursue their studies, there are many others who apply for a Canadian visa to learn English or French languages.

BEFORE THE APPLICANT APPLIES for a study permit he/she has to be accepted at a recognised school, university or college in Canada. The applicant should apply at least six months prior to primary and secondary schools and at least year before they want to start their studies year at a university and college.

The Canada Study Visa, Canada Student Visa, Canada Study Permit is issued on a short-term basis only and the student will have to leave once the study period is complete.

THE REQUIREMENT for the Student visa varies depending on the selected level of study, the educational background of the applicant and their country of citizenship

To apply for a student visa, the applicant

  • Should have been accepted by a recognized school or university
  • Should demonstrate that he/she has enough funds to meet accommodation, study requirements
  • Should be a law abiding citizen and should produce a police certificate
  • Should demonstrate that he/she intends to leave Canada after completion of his/her studies
  • Should undergo medical examination if required