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Immigration to Denmark from India

The Scandinavian country, Denmark, is among the top countries that have highest income equality rate. Denmark is a senior member of Kingdom of Denmark, with other members being Faroe Islands and Greenland. Denmark is popular for having excellent conditions in terms of education, health and welfare. Due to favorable economic, social and political environment, Denmark is considered as a highly preferable country for exploring business and employment opportunities. Denmark is also an active member of European Union. At a global level, it has been playing a significant role in recruiting expert manpower.


  • Denmark Economy :
  • Denmark has a free capitalist economy. It is one of the countries having high income equality. Denmark has a GDP per capita higher than that of most European countries, and 15-20% higher than that of the United States. The rise in economy has created a number of job opportunities in the country.

  • Denmark Social Life :
  • Denmark has a large welfare society. Denmark has been the happiest country in the world from 2006-2008 according to a survey. Danes are humble, well-mannered, have good etiquettes and live a simple life. They love to dine and wine. Copenhagen, Denmark's capital has been ranked as the most livable city in the world by Monocle Magazine.

  • Denmark is a safe country :
  • Denmark has a very low crime rate. Children may walk upto school alone. Politicians, actors and other famous people can move within the country without security guards. Denmark has been the second most peaceful nation after Iceland according to the 2008 Global Peace Index survey. Denmark has been ranked as having the least corruption (along with Sweden and New Zealand ) in the 2008 Corruption Perceptions Index.

  • Denmark Corporate Life :
  • Danish employers respect the personal lives of employees. So there is a balance between family life and work.

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